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Modern Office

Modern Office and a Contemporary one

Despite being a few styles of offices that resemble each other, there are several clear differences between modern and contemporary offices. Many times these two styles are confused and today we are going to establish similarities and differences between modern and contemporary offices.

The style of the modern office

Although it is called modern, this style of decoration and architecture emerged in the early twentieth century, so it has its years. This style has as its main characteristic that the forms are much more important than the details. Everything must have a useful function and any superfluous element is eliminated. It also gives great importance to the material, mainly metals and concrete. Therefore, in modern offices, we will find steel tables and chairs with very straight shapes that are very useful for the operation of the office. The crystal will also have its role. The colors present in a modern style office will be very neutral with whites and grays at the top.

It should be added that the minimalist style takes several concepts of modern style, although the minimalist goes much further with the subtraction of decoration and affects much of the order.

The style of the contemporary office

This style refers to the whole set of trends in architecture and decoration from the 90s to today, giving more prominence to the trends that are fashionable at the moment. This style is very eclectic and agglomerates many aesthetics due to the influence of globalization and the great variety of trends that coexist at the same time. Every interior designer and architect, who has the contemporary style as principal, will always try to put his personal touch.

Modern Office Furniture

The contemporary offices look for that space is homelike and cozy with a very careful aesthetics and the multitude of details that confer to space a unique personality that differentiates it from the other offices. The color is very important in a contemporary office and within the coherence and common sense, is not afraid to combine bright colors with more neutral colors, always looking to get more space in the office. The decoration is not fixed so much in the perfect and rectilinear forms but more in the utility and the aesthetic beauty of the furniture.

Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

Best Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

Properly equipping an office with the right furniture will help us to make a very good impression. Office furniture with basic colors and elegant lines give a sense of professionalism while modern furniture often portrays creativity.

Undoubtedly, the selection of the right office furniture is a job that cannot be overlooked. Let’s see now some tips that will help us to equip a business. Very important before thinking about figures think only of two words that will help you prosper in the business world: office furniture

  1. We need to know how much money we are willing to spend on office furniture. There is a wide variety of products on the market with different prices, remember that sometimes quality is not cheap and that what you invest now can make you save in the long term.
  2. Keep in mind the space you have in your office. For small spaces it is advisable to furnish the office with multifunctional, minimalist and not very large furniture.
  3. Consider the time you have to furnish the office. Installing office furniture takes time and you have to think about how much time we are going to dedicate to this activity.

4 . Beware of office chairs. Most of us who work in the office spend long hours sitting. It is necessary to pay close attention to the selection of the most appropriate chair and that does not harm us or the back of the arms.

  1. Lighting is another point to consider when we equip our company with office furniture. It is advisable that the work areas are very well lit and without damaging the view of the workers.
  2. Check your employees. Perhaps this is the most important aspect. No one better than their employees know their needs and tastes. Building a common space that takes into account everyone’s opinions will make workers feel part of the company.

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Modular Office Furniture India

Modular Office Furniture India


When you hear the word ‘modular office furniture’ do you find yourself envisioning a sea of drab, boring grey cubicles all lined up in a row, located in a room with zero personality? If you do, we have good news for you – those days are gone. In today’s modern times, interior design is going down a different path; a path of fluidity, quickness, intelligence, and collaboration. Through the use of modular environments, physical locations are developing an analogous level of litheness in which office equipment and furniture are now being designed with flexibility, multi-functionality and modularity in mind.

Modular furniture is able to adapt to the ever changing needs of the physical space; it doesn’t matter if it’s in an office or a classroom, modular furniture is both multi-functional and accommodating. Modular furniture allows for options, so there is something for everyone. To learn more, check out some of the benefits of modular furniture in an interior space.

  • You are able to offer privacy without isolation. Typically, this can be a difficult one to achieve, however, with modular furniture you can provide furniture that features walls so personal space can be achieved.
  • You have the ability of personalization. With modular furniture you can create unique combinations of different types of modular furniture. In addition, you also have the ability to change the layout when needs change.
  • You are able to have more flexibility. As your business grows, so does the needs of your space. You get the ability of expansion that fixed furniture does not allow.
  • You have the ability to save money. Modular furniture typically takes up less space, giving you more future options and flexibility. Less space also equals lower rental expenses, as well as lower cooling and heating costs.
  • You are able to match the current work style. Modular furniture allows for the changing work environment, and can easily accommodate solo work spaces. In addition, it can be expanded out to accommodate larger arrangements of people.
  • You have the ability to “future-proof” the space. Despite the changing times, you will be able to “be like water” and stay ahead of the curve. Modular furniture will allow the space to change with the times, as advancements in cultures, work styles, and technologies are constantly shifting.
  • You are able to make the installation process quicker and more efficient. As a result, this also helps save money and time, and allows for more immediate use of the space.
  • You have the ability to reduce waste. In general, modular systems are much more environmentally friendly, as modular systems introduce less material into the environment. Materials used are often recyclable and reusable.

You have the ability to save money. Modular furniture typically takes up less space, giving you more future options and flexibility. Less space also equals lower rental expenses, as well as lower cooling and heating costs.

One example is benching systems, which are the way of the world now. They allow for decreased material and cost, collaborative working environments, and a smaller employee-per-square-footage ratio.

Here at Spandan Enterprises Pvt Ltd. we can help you create modern modular solutions that are adaptable, environmentally friendly, and have both personality and functionality. Give us a call today if you are in need of modular furniture installation for your interior space.