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Modern Office

Modern Office and a Contemporary one

Despite being a few styles of offices that resemble each other, there are several clear differences between modern and contemporary offices. Many times these two styles are confused and today we are going to establish similarities and differences between modern and contemporary offices.

The style of the modern office

Although it is called modern, this style of decoration and architecture emerged in the early twentieth century, so it has its years. This style has as its main characteristic that the forms are much more important than the details. Everything must have a useful function and any superfluous element is eliminated. It also gives great importance to the material, mainly metals and concrete. Therefore, in modern offices, we will find steel tables and chairs with very straight shapes that are very useful for the operation of the office. The crystal will also have its role. The colors present in a modern style office will be very neutral with whites and grays at the top.

It should be added that the minimalist style takes several concepts of modern style, although the minimalist goes much further with the subtraction of decoration and affects much of the order.

The style of the contemporary office

This style refers to the whole set of trends in architecture and decoration from the 90s to today, giving more prominence to the trends that are fashionable at the moment. This style is very eclectic and agglomerates many aesthetics due to the influence of globalization and the great variety of trends that coexist at the same time. Every interior designer and architect, who has the contemporary style as principal, will always try to put his personal touch.

Modern Office Furniture

The contemporary offices look for that space is homelike and cozy with a very careful aesthetics and the multitude of details that confer to space a unique personality that differentiates it from the other offices. The color is very important in a contemporary office and within the coherence and common sense, is not afraid to combine bright colors with more neutral colors, always looking to get more space in the office. The decoration is not fixed so much in the perfect and rectilinear forms but more in the utility and the aesthetic beauty of the furniture.