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Office Drawers


Office drawers are indispensable. And, despite the technological advances, offices and businesses do not finish abandoning paper documents. Delivery notes, invoices, reports, papers and more papers that accumulate and that need to be organized so as not to get lost among them. An organized business is a business with greater chances of prospering. It is vital to have anything you need on hand to quickly consult it.

A good organization allows you to save time when making these queries or looking for any document you need and saving time in a company means saving money and better management of human and technical resources. In addition, having the office table organized is important both for productivity and for improving the image of the company.

A low chest of drawers will allow you to take out any document without getting up from the chair.

You can choose a drawer of a larger size and more drawers if the volume of documents is very high. You will gain space for the rest of the furniture and it will allow you to have everything concentrated in little place. And if you have too many folders, do not worry, choose a chest of drawers with a file cabinet for hanging folders and you will be sure that everything is at a glance.

The chest of drawers is integrated into the workspace as another element. Probably seeing many folders in the office may produce a sense of overwhelm and closure. Dress your office in elegant order with some drawers according to the rest of the elements.

Since you will work with several people in the offices, it is important that everyone has quick and easy access to documentation. The drawers allow you to play with the space and work system you have. You can have them fixed in a place where everyone has to go to take what they need or ask the partner who is already in it.

But you can also provide your office with greater versatility. The saying goes that “if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Muhammad.” Do the same with your files. Put wheels on the chest of drawers and you can move it as you wish and need throughout the room, even with a pillow on top it can serve as an improvised stool. Place it at all times in the place that is most comfortable for you.

Also, don’t neglect security. For daily use, a lock in your drawers will allow only the people you owe to access them. Protect your work. And, of course, make work more difficult for friends of others.

Office drawers: metallic or melamine?

The materials also vary and allow your originals and photocopies to be safe from any accident, although it is better not to ever check it. We do not want a stumble to make us spill water and spoil the work of several days or months.

The metal has always been a safe bet; classic materials never go out of style. Strong and resistant but elegant drawers that allow us to keep our documents safe. Proof almost any external element, they also allow us to provide the office with some classicism.

In recent years, melamine has gained strength, adaptable to any environment. The good quality of the board chipboard will protect the surface from scratches or abrasions. Resistant material that has multiple combinations.

In the work you have to look for simplification and efficiency, if you handle documents, the chest of drawers is a vital element that you should not neglect in your office and that you will have to include in the list of essential furniture in the office.

3 Models of Desk Furniture That You Should Consider

Office Desk


One of the challenges for the interior designers is to furnish small spaces, taking full advantage of every valuable square centimeter. Today in our blog we talk about how to integrate a modern and functional desk in small spaces, a challenge for creativity.

Modern desks: functionality, time and devices

The first premise that we must take into account when incorporating modern desks in confined spaces is to optimize its functionality, that is to say: ask what we are using exactly that work furniture, how many hours of our time we spend at the desk and, very important, what material and devices we have to have on hand when we use that desktop. An example:

  • Functionality and time: most people use their desk to perform various tasks, from reading reports or memoranda to writing by hand or computer, making calculations, drawing or simply as a support surface when talking on the phone. If we are able to allocate time to each task that we perform at the desk we will have taken a great step forward in the selection of the modern desk that best suits our needs.
  • Material and devices: computer, telephone, calendar, modem, notepad, lamp, pens, pencils … Making a list of the items you need to have on hand while working at a desk is another important key to select the best modern desks for small spaces.

Solution 1 for small spaces: “Standing Up”

“Standing up” or “working standing “is another innovative trend that has come to Europe from the United States. According to the defenders of this trend, standing up avoids those musculoskeletal injuries suffered by people who spend hours and hours sitting at a desk. In the market we find different modern desks that respond to that need to work standing, small-sized desks that integrate spaces to leave the mobile or tablet, sliding drawers to store the desk material, etc.

Solution 2: adjustable desktops

Many people are not convinced by the idea of ​​spending their daily work standing at a desk. Out of habit or for convenience, they prefer to work part of the time sitting, some time standing … Is there a solution of modern desks that responds to this need? Of course yes: the adjustable desks. The adjustable desks allow you to easily adjust the height of the work surface so that the user chooses the most comfortable work posture for each moment of the day.

Solution 3: multipurpose desktops

One of the main problems we have when working in confined spaces is storage. Where to put all the paper documentation we generate? Reports, books, folders … end up on our desk or in that chest of drawers that, although essential, steals too much space from our small office. The solution is in multipurpose desks: furniture with drawers integrated in its surface to keep in order the pens, pencils, telephones, cables or lamps, hollow desks that allows storing folders, tablets and mobile devices; modern desks with integrated libraries that take advantage of every inch of the wall where the furniture rests…

These are three of the many solutions that we can implement to integrate modern desks in confined spaces, but there are many more. Do you want to propose yours? Leave your comment on our blog.

Office Chairs Adapted To Soft Seating Spaces

Office Chair Ideas


Soft seating was born as a trend of creating spaces that was consolidated with modern and avant-garde office projects such as those in the technology sector. Google, Facebook and other great ones were the ones that generated the greatest visibility on this way of rethinking the workplace, granting much greater flexibility to the furniture component used and betting on contexts in which communication, dialogue and office life flows beyond the individual position itself.

Betting on the soft seating trend is betting on the change in traditional work spaces. With this concept the whole is transformed to get a comfortable place and away from the stereotypes that define the most classic office environment. It seeks to generate friendly and comfortable environments in which the worker feels at home. Precisely the latter is one of the keys in the use of furniture such as office chairs since, in many projects, models that could perfectly fit in the living rooms of homes are chosen. A clear example of this is the Chesterfield design sofa that fits the definition of soft seating, but is not uncommon to find in home designs.

What chairs should you choose to create soft seating environments?

One of the manufacturers that have made the most effort in recent years to present furniture collections that perfectly fit the requirements of the soft seating concept has been Actiu. Although others have tried to imitate him to a greater or lesser extent, we do not intend to show you the complete catalog in this article today but rather to inspire you so that you can choose those essential elements that best fit your project.

  • Sofas: The sofa as an element of the office spaces created under the concept of soft seating becomes almost essential. The capacity for several people and the position it allows to maintain ensure relaxed communication and create an optimal environment for creativity to flow. In addition, feeling at home greatly improves worker productivity.
  • Armchairs: They are another of the most used elements in projects based on soft seating. Like sofas, they are capable of generating those feelings of calm, relaxed atmosphere and comfort that characterize this concept. However, unlike those that is committed to conserving a good part of each person’s individual space. They are optimal for creating social corners in which to guarantee the concentration of a single individual. Also to create zones of group work in which there are differentiated functions for each member that requires having their personal space differentiated, but at the same time they need social interaction.
  • Stools: In an environment in which it is intended to emulate the heat of the home and create a space in which comfort and communication are the protagonists, the more ergonomic stools can be a good element to achieve the balance between comfort and furniture of informal appearance. Here are a few examples of models that can be of great help to inspire you in your proposal.
  • Puffs: An element that is associated with a modern design and not very formal environments is perfect to combine in spaces where it is intended to promote worker comfort while being reminded that it is in a completely relaxed environment.

Although these three options are valid as chairs in soft seating spaces, the usual office chairs, armchairs and even places adapted to common uses can also be part of them. It all depends on your ability to incorporate them respecting the principles of comfort, socialization, relaxed atmosphere and productivity.

The History of the Round Tables


Office Round Tables


A few days ago we attended an interesting day of presentation of the new solutions to improve the well-being and internal communication of the company through office furniture. The speaker, one of the manufacturers of our furniture solutions, made a fantastic presentation of his new round tables for meetings telling us the interesting story of this furniture considered a classic of the work environment. The talk seemed so fascinating that today we want to share it here with you; so today in the Spandan blog we are going to tell you a story, the story with a happy ending of the round tables.

The round table of the arthuric legend

Do you remember the knights of the round table of the legends of King Arthur? When Arthur was crowned as King of Camelot, he decided that he would discuss all the important issues of his kingdom with the brave warriors who had helped him get his crown. Thus, he commissioned the cabinetmaker of the Court to create a table as it had not been seen before: a large, completely circular board in which all the attendees would sit at the same level , without headboard or prominent position that marked ranks, hierarchies or powers. The intelligent Arturo, in addition, always arrived last to the meeting, so that the gentlemen who were arriving sat at the site they decided without knowing where their leader would be placed.

In the Kingdom of Camelot the legend had created not only a table, but a whole concept of command style and participation that has remained intact centuries and centuries later and, in addition, in the real world: the meeting table in which all opinions are valid regardless of the hierarchical power of each meeting attendee.

From the legend of the round tables to reality

The famous round table of King Arthur became a reality in 1223 in Beirut to celebrate the rise to the rank of knights of the eldest sons of a powerful aristocrat. That was the beginning of what would become a prevailing fashion in the European Courts of the High Middle Ages. There is written evidence that between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries round tables were established in France, in Spain and, finally and curiously, in England. The round tables thus became an essential part of the internal communication of cities and states.

From reality to the business environment

  • Minimize or eliminate hierarchies. At the circular meeting tables, all meeting attendees occupy a similar spatial plane. By eliminating the header positions, the participant feels freer to contribute their opinions or assessments, so that, at least theoretically, communication becomes richer and more effective, especially when it comes to resolving conflicts or problems.
  • Promotes communication between management and staff. In large corporations there are few opportunities for the leader of a team to listen quietly to the opinions of his valuable team. Round tables facilitate this communicative process as they eliminate the typical visual barriers of square tables.
  • Dynamize the meeting. From the point of view of communication psychology, circles bring dynamism and liveliness to conversations. Attendees, without barriers or hierarchies, are providing solutions, ideas and opinions at a faster pace than if they were placed following the straight lines typical of desks or rectangular tables.
  • It brings a plus of modernity and design to offices and offices. Despite its long history, the harmonious and fluid lines of the round tables continue to inspire feelings of design, modernity and break with the rigid norms of the more traditional corporations. A plus of modernity that favors the corporate image that the company wishes to project in its visitors and, also, the valuable internal communication without barriers of modern, innovative and productive offices.

Quick Guide to Choose Office Furniture



The interior design of the offices (interior design) that you create for your clients may be susceptible to improvements that do not require huge changes in the projects you already have in mind and that, however, can make a difference when getting an interior design of offices cleaner and more sophisticated.

Here are some tricks that you can take advantage of in your office decoration projects. Although we will analyze point by point these basic tips to improve office design, it is important to emphasize that the opinion and the client’s own taste are above all. Listening to him and knowing how to adapt to his ideas is a key point not to err in your proposal.

How to improve interior design and office design?

  • Listen to the client: knowing what your client asks you is key when creating an office interior that you like and that works. Actually, your client does not have to know about interior design, nor use specific terms to indicate what he would like to see in his workplace. It is in your hand to interpret everything that he is giving you as relevant information and at the same time, find the right furniture to get that image that he has in his head.
  • White furniture: starting from a furniture base in white or light tones helps to configure spaces that better reflect light, that do not get bored and that, in addition, combine with almost any other tone in office accessories. The advantage of opting for this option is that the interior design of the office will not go out of style, it can be easily changed by choosing new accessories, and in addition, you will be able to transmit the image of greater transparency and elegance in your project.
  • Color as the base of the complements: if parts of a furniture base in a color as neutral as white, which also brings a greater amount of light to the room, you can choose one or more colors in the complements to achieve those effects more fun, dynamic, or modern in the interior design of the office in which you are working.
  • Flexible furniture that adapts to space: space is something that is not always available to a large extent in the times. Small spaces become multipurpose offices that should be able to make the most of them. For that reason, choosing flexible furniture, furniture capable of taking advantage of each of those empty corners, and above all, furniture that meets all the functions for which they are intended is key to achieving a better interior design.
  • Personality touches: a company always has its own philosophy and being able to adapt it with symbols to your decorative project will achieve a brand interior design that differs from everything else. At the same time, your client will thank you for taking the trouble to understand your company and have been able to capture your ideals in the design of the office.


The decoration of your office, while it should not be an extension of your personality as an employee, should be the true reflection of the company’s personality. Although you spend many hours in the office, decorating it to your liking is not possible, since new trends in modern offices predict the rise of open spaces, so that the decoration has to be liked by all employees.

That predisposition to decorate the office thinking of all employees can sometimes be very complicated, since pleasing everyone is a difficult task. Therefore, the best thing you can do is choose to convey corporate ideas, both in the choice of office furniture and in the decoration of it.

Office decoration: an extension of business personality

As we have already mentioned, open space is being imposed in modern offices. These spaces have many advantages for workers whose benefits have a positive impact on productivity. But open space is not all advantages; when decorating them, it can become a complicated task if you try to satisfy the taste of each and every employee, since, before there are open space, each employee could decorate his office to his liking. To facilitate the office decoration task, take note of the following tips:

  • First of all, try to create a common atmosphere in the office, although then the various rooms can be decorated differently. Creating such decorative harmony is positive for both employees and customers, as they will see uniformity in the company and consistency in everything that is done.
  • The decoration tries to be based on the personality and corporate colors of the company. Beyond personal tastes, what you have to achieve is to transfer the personality of your company in the decoration, so that everyone like that can feel identified in it.
  • Leave a certain freedom of decoration to each employee in his job, yes, marking some guidelines to be consistent with the rest of the office.

How to achieve unique environments thanks to the decoration?

Despite the recommendation we have just given you to decorate the entire office in a homogeneous way there are spaces that must have a certain personality of their own and that should stand out from the rest. Within these spaces, the cafeteria, the meeting room, leisure and rest rooms, creative rooms … are places that need their own decoration and corporate office furniture to encourage creativity in order to stimulate the worker and make the best of them , yes, always integrated with the rest of the office.

To create these unique environments thanks to office decoration we propose a few solutions:


They are perfect for creating unique environments, since each vinyl can be made in the way you want. In addition, its cost is low and its setting and removal very easy, so you can change the decoration of the office quickly.


The screens are being widely used to divide spaces and create intimate environments that are still needed in offices. To remove the sobriety aspect that may be associated with the screens, adhesives can be a good alternative. You can create them with the company logo, with their corporate colors, with elements that inspire creativity….


The room dividers are one of the indispensable elements as of now. In addition to being very decorative, and exist in the market various modes and colors, are very useful when making momentary separations of a space.

sustainable design your office


It is usual to understand sustainable design a whole series of factors related to office environments closer to nature. The inclusion of plant elements, noble materials and even finishes that remind the natural environment to achieve maximum concentration, as well as the most absolute comfort for employees. Many studies have shown that workers value work environments that are respectful of nature very positively.

But how can you encourage this type of space and what materials should you use to create sustainable designs in an office? Actually, until a few years ago it was somewhat complex to commit to these concepts because there was barely enough supply in the market to achieve it. However, today, many manufacturers are committed to the idea of ​​designing functional furniture, aesthetically appropriate and respectful of the environment. Some examples of brands that can help you in your task we will see below.

Large manufacturers are not only known for making available to users adequate furniture to virtually any room in the office, but also distinguished by a sustainable manufacturing design and rational use of the materials with which they create their furniture. Thus, both have certificates that indicate the sustainable origin of the wood, the amount of recycled materials that have been used in the manufacture of their products and their level of recyclability.

The identifying labels used by manufacturers are a guarantee of the sustainability of the furniture in several terms. In fact, in the first place, the sustainable origin of the wood assures the buyer that it invests in a product that has been taken care of from the most virgin raw material respecting the environment and the conditions of the workers who have been part of the process. In many European countries this label has become very relevant for those offices that intend to set an example of ethics and that base their marketing thesis on the commitment to a fairer and greener society.

Labels that help you identify furniture that suits sustainable design your office not only indicates the concept that we have mentioned in the upper lines. As we said, it also shows the amount of recycled products that have been used and the level of recyclability. The first term refers to some elements that may come from components that had already been used before and that have undergone a recycling process to be part of one of the pieces of furniture in your office. The second concept refers to the ease with which you can recycle the furniture you are thinking of buying in the future, when you no longer need it. This idea is important to bet on a better world tomorrow. After all, caring for the environment and betting on sustainable design is much more than thinking about the present, it is also living thinking about the future.



The colors of our workplace are important to generate a good environment and create a sense of comfort, in addition to promoting productivity. Today we talk about the colors for the office, which ones to choose and why they are the most recommended.

Our senses are stimulated by the aesthetics of the space where we are. Choosing furniture for an office is a very important task, but choosing the colors of the walls of our workplace is also something that we cannot leave to chance.

The colors for the office and how they generate a beneficial environment

The mood directly affects productivity at work. The more animated and happy we are, the more productive we are in carrying out activities. That is why choosing the right colors for the office will produce stimuli that can change our moods.


What to keep in mind to choose colors for the office?

We must take into account how big is the space we are going to paint. If it is a small or large office. In the case of being a small place we will have to choose colors that give the feeling of spaciousness.

The type of activity that takes place in our workspace is important to choose colors for the office. We will not paint the walls of the same color if it is an insurance company or a videogame developer.

We can also pay attention to the type of work that will be done in the office, if team work is common or employees develop activities individually.

What colors for the office are the most recommended?


This is the color par excellence for any work space or home. It never goes out of style and brings luminosity. White is the sure bet when in doubt, and it is one of the colors for the perfect office if it is a small space.


This color is trend, brings elegance and modernity. It is perfect for an office with new technologies or for meeting places.

blue office


Throughout its range, blue helps create relaxed environments and provides agility and stability. It is perfect for painting entire walls and combining it with white. It is the ideal color for waiting rooms or for places where work can generate stress. It is one of the most used office colors.



This is a color highly recommended for offices because it provides stability and harmony. Remember nature, so you can generate relaxed environments in offices located in the heart of the city.

Green is also a very elegant color, ideal for offices where creative works are developed, such as advertising agencies.



It is a warm color that is also a trend, especially mustard. It is perfect for places with large windows, where light is reflected on the walls. It generates a warm and welcoming atmosphere and is perfect for places where you work as a team.



It may not be the perfect color to paint all the walls, but dark red is ideal for corners of the office. It provides objectivity and facilitates decisions.

At last choose the color wisely that also go with your office interior and the furniture.



One of the best ways to renovate the decoration is to change the color of the furniture we already have. With a simple change of color we can give a complete turn to the environment of an office. Today we tell you the steps to carry out if we want to paint a piece of furniture of another color.

To change the color of a piece of furniture we must first take into account that it is possible to first remove the paint that is already on it . Wood furniture, whether made of solid wood or agglomerate, requires the following procedures.

Steps to paint a piece of furniture of another color


This will be the first thing we have to do if it is a piece of furniture in several pieces, such as a dresser or a file cabinet with drawers. We must separate each of these pieces to work with them individually.



Sanding is an essential step to paint furniture of another color. We must carefully sand all the pieces and pay attention to the corners and corners. This step is especially necessary if the furniture has a varnish, which is the most usual regarding the finish of the paint.

We can use an electric sander for large and smooth areas and finish with hand sandpaper for corners where it does not enter.

After sanding the piece completely we must make sure to clean all the impurities of the varnish and the wood.



Before applying the final paint to the furniture, we must apply a base paint over the entire surface. This priming paint will help the final paint better cover the surface of the furniture. We apply it with a brush or roller, depending on the areas.

Some furniture paints, currently, come with the built-in primer, if so; we just have to make sure it is a quality painting that will give us an optimal result. We must completely cover the surface of the furniture, for all corners where we will then paint with the final color.


This is the penultimate step to paint a piece of furniture another color. In this case we must apply with a brush or roller two layers of paint, in this way, the furniture will be perfectly covered by the color we have chosen.

We advise you to take it easy, so that there are no bubbles in the paint, for this it is better to use the roller in all areas of the furniture that allow it.


The last layer that we will give the furniture will be varnish or polyurethane, to protect the paint. In case of using polyurethane, we recommend that it be water-based, just like painting. The polyurethane has different finishes, from matte, gloss or semi-gloss. Choose the one you like the most based on the feeling you want to get and the rest of the furniture found in the office.

In this case, apply two layers, and wait several hours between others. Once you have applied the last layer, we recommend that you wait a couple of days or three to use the furniture.

We hope you have been clear how to paint a piece of furniture of another color and, you know; if you have any questions or something to contribute, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.



Increasingly, furniture in general, and design office chairs in particular, are conceived as furniture that, far from being solely functional, also acquire a decorative status.

Maybe you are considering equipping your company with furniture of these characteristics. If so, then we recommend you continue reading the article, because we are going to propose various questions that will help you evaluate if these chairs, which sometimes come to represent a new form of art, can fit into your facilities.

  1. Are these designer office chairs useful and practical?

If the chairs you have purchased are aesthetically attractive or modern but cannot be comfortable enough, it is useless. There is no justification for equipping your offices with this type of furniture, or at least the reason is not of sufficient weight.

Surely on more than one occasion it has happened to you that you have sat or tasted a piece of furniture that is very modern and avant-garde but not functional and even less comfortable. We must never forget that the first and last purpose of the chair is to be comfortable.


A user and guest can forget and forgive an aesthetic not very modern, but always remember an uncomfortable chair and this will influence the perception you have of the branding of your company.

  1. Does the furniture fit with the aesthetics of your company?

Perhaps you will think that even the most avant-garde chair does not justify breaking with the classic or conservative aesthetics of your offices. Well here we must point out that more and more what is sought in the design of the new facilities is the differential. And that can be achieved by adding functional but modern chairs that slightly overflow the conservative line or add that touch of color or daring.

  1. Does the furniture add or contribute something to the set?

It is very linked with the above. And it refers to the fact that the introduction of that element has to have a justified reason. The chair must provide something, whether it has to do with the aesthetics or the functionality of the furniture.


  1. Do I feel identified with the chair that I just included in my project?

The visitor, client, user and the worker must connect with this piece of furniture. We cannot conceive this chair as an isolated element within the office; it must connect with your business philosophy.

If neither the workers nor the guests make use of this object or do not give it any merit, then surely you should rethink to remove it.

At this point, it is very likely that you are considering including a chair of these characteristics in your office, but you do not know which models you can choose. Well, it was time to put the theory into practice.

We are going to show you 3 examples that we believe respond well to these premises:

Panton chair

This incredible chair was designed by Verner Panton, back in 1967. Today is considered, although it is strange to read, as one of the great classics of modern chairs.

And it is that its shape in S, its dynamic design and its simple architecture make the impact and influence of this chair reaches the design of the current furniture.

Although it is simple and minimalist, Panton is the result of a professional and personal career on the part of its creator. With this model you will not be able to equip any space, since the office will have to respond to certain aesthetic and philosophical characteristics of the company.


Eames chair

The chair Eames Plastic Chair is made of plastic and was created by Charles & Ray Eames about the year 1950.

The seat and backrest make up a single polypropylene shell, which you can buy with armrests, while the 4-leg structure that serves as base can vary depending on the model: varnished maple or steel.

Almost with total security this model will sound you having previously seen equipping other spaces, since it is the most versatile example of the 3 that we mentioned in this post that can serve to decorate various spaces.

Wassily chair

It was the first tubular chair on the market. Created by Marcel Breuer, it began to be commercialized around the year 1927.

What we like most about this model is that, despite being a very old (but modern) chair, it still manages to be innovative and current. It is formal, elegant and modern, but without being too limited when it comes to equipping spaces.

We would use it to equip companies of very different profiles and in numerous spaces.

These 3 designer chairs are our favorite to use in equipment projects, but the truth and, as you surely know, is that there are many other options. Go ahead and tell us in the comments which are your favorite design office chairs to equip your company!