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One of the challenges for the interior designers is to furnish small spaces, taking full advantage of every valuable square centimeter. Today in our blog we talk about how to integrate a modern and functional desk in small spaces, a challenge for creativity.

Modern desks: functionality, time and devices

The first premise that we must take into account when incorporating modern desks in confined spaces is to optimize its functionality, that is to say: ask what we are using exactly that work furniture, how many hours of our time we spend at the desk and, very important, what material and devices we have to have on hand when we use that desktop. An example:

  • Functionality and time: most people use their desk to perform various tasks, from reading reports or memoranda to writing by hand or computer, making calculations, drawing or simply as a support surface when talking on the phone. If we are able to allocate time to each task that we perform at the desk we will have taken a great step forward in the selection of the modern desk that best suits our needs.
  • Material and devices: computer, telephone, calendar, modem, notepad, lamp, pens, pencils … Making a list of the items you need to have on hand while working at a desk is another important key to select the best modern desks for small spaces.

Solution 1 for small spaces: “Standing Up”

“Standing up” or “working standing “is another innovative trend that has come to Europe from the United States. According to the defenders of this trend, standing up avoids those musculoskeletal injuries suffered by people who spend hours and hours sitting at a desk. In the market we find different modern desks that respond to that need to work standing, small-sized desks that integrate spaces to leave the mobile or tablet, sliding drawers to store the desk material, etc.

Solution 2: adjustable desktops

Many people are not convinced by the idea of ​​spending their daily work standing at a desk. Out of habit or for convenience, they prefer to work part of the time sitting, some time standing … Is there a solution of modern desks that responds to this need? Of course yes: the adjustable desks. The adjustable desks allow you to easily adjust the height of the work surface so that the user chooses the most comfortable work posture for each moment of the day.

Solution 3: multipurpose desktops

One of the main problems we have when working in confined spaces is storage. Where to put all the paper documentation we generate? Reports, books, folders … end up on our desk or in that chest of drawers that, although essential, steals too much space from our small office. The solution is in multipurpose desks: furniture with drawers integrated in its surface to keep in order the pens, pencils, telephones, cables or lamps, hollow desks that allows storing folders, tablets and mobile devices; modern desks with integrated libraries that take advantage of every inch of the wall where the furniture rests…

These are three of the many solutions that we can implement to integrate modern desks in confined spaces, but there are many more. Do you want to propose yours? Leave your comment on our blog.

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Commercial Office Interior Design Services in Vadodara

In order to sit in the higher position of the industry, we offer a wide range of Commercial Interior Design Services. The provided service is rendered by our professionals using advanced technology. Owing to its flawless execution, attractive design, and perfect work, this service is valued by our honored clients.



3D modeling allows interior designers to easily present an interior or exterior design concept. The owner of a company has a good idea of ​​the concept, the office furniture, custom cabinets and suggested materials. For a construction or renovation project, 3D is now a must in commercial design, because you can visualize your project as in reality!



Do you have a commercial project in the Vadodara? Know that working with interior designers to manage your project is freeing you from a demanding responsibility. Their role is to coordinate all the stakeholders on a construction site, from the developer to the cabinet manufacturers and the office furniture suppliers to the general building contractor.



Spandan’s turnkey design service is a personalized approach to realize your design plans, cabinets or office furniture. Interior designers, specialists in renovation and construction, put you in contact with qualified stakeholders.



The completion of complete plans and specifications for a commercial construction or renovation is the foundation of a successful development. Several details are to be considered so that developers and contractors carry out the work according to the concepts of interior designers, which include layout plans, custom office furniture, electricity, choice of materials, etc.



In all commercial design concepts, the choice of materials and office furniture is greatly facilitated when you entrust this task to qualified interior designers such as Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.. They know the resources of the city of Vadodara, have contacts and know how to find the elements that will make your development exceptional.


As a developer or business owner, you will surely want to have a unique concept that reflects your image. The design department of Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. includes the creation of distinctive layout plans, allowing you to welcome your customers in the atmosphere you want to offer, as soon as they enter your commercial space.