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Soft seating was born as a trend of creating spaces that was consolidated with modern and avant-garde office projects such as those in the technology sector. Google, Facebook and other great ones were the ones that generated the greatest visibility on this way of rethinking the workplace, granting much greater flexibility to the furniture component used and betting on contexts in which communication, dialogue and office life flows beyond the individual position itself.

Betting on the soft seating trend is betting on the change in traditional work spaces. With this concept the whole is transformed to get a comfortable place and away from the stereotypes that define the most classic office environment. It seeks to generate friendly and comfortable environments in which the worker feels at home. Precisely the latter is one of the keys in the use of furniture such as office chairs since, in many projects, models that could perfectly fit in the living rooms of homes are chosen. A clear example of this is the Chesterfield design sofa that fits the definition of soft seating, but is not uncommon to find in home designs.

What chairs should you choose to create soft seating environments?

One of the manufacturers that have made the most effort in recent years to present furniture collections that perfectly fit the requirements of the soft seating concept has been Actiu. Although others have tried to imitate him to a greater or lesser extent, we do not intend to show you the complete catalog in this article today but rather to inspire you so that you can choose those essential elements that best fit your project.

  • Sofas: The sofa as an element of the office spaces created under the concept of soft seating becomes almost essential. The capacity for several people and the position it allows to maintain ensure relaxed communication and create an optimal environment for creativity to flow. In addition, feeling at home greatly improves worker productivity.
  • Armchairs: They are another of the most used elements in projects based on soft seating. Like sofas, they are capable of generating those feelings of calm, relaxed atmosphere and comfort that characterize this concept. However, unlike those that is committed to conserving a good part of each person’s individual space. They are optimal for creating social corners in which to guarantee the concentration of a single individual. Also to create zones of group work in which there are differentiated functions for each member that requires having their personal space differentiated, but at the same time they need social interaction.
  • Stools: In an environment in which it is intended to emulate the heat of the home and create a space in which comfort and communication are the protagonists, the more ergonomic stools can be a good element to achieve the balance between comfort and furniture of informal appearance. Here are a few examples of models that can be of great help to inspire you in your proposal.
  • Puffs: An element that is associated with a modern design and not very formal environments is perfect to combine in spaces where it is intended to promote worker comfort while being reminded that it is in a completely relaxed environment.

Although these three options are valid as chairs in soft seating spaces, the usual office chairs, armchairs and even places adapted to common uses can also be part of them. It all depends on your ability to incorporate them respecting the principles of comfort, socialization, relaxed atmosphere and productivity.

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