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Charming Offices

The 5 Charming Offices that will inspire you the Most

Today we show you 5 styles of charming offices that will surely make you fall in love and inspire you when designing your office, at home or at work, very useful if you are looking for ideas for decorating the first office. That of the sober offices and boring is already out of fashion. Now they take the offices with charm in which to feel at home while we work, do you sign up?

Charming offices

The decoration of offices seems that it always has to be the same, sober, with hardly any color, with few adornments, that nothing distracts us from work … but it does not have to always be that way. Today we show you 5 charming office styles that will surely make you fall in love and inspire you to design modern offices, at home or at work. Because working in an environment where you feel comfortable and comfortable helps to achieve greater concentration and that the results speak for themselves, it is proven!

The technological giants such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft opt for more human and fun offices where we can have fun besides working and last week we talked about original offices where you can take the dog or go for a slide. And is that the concept of offices is changing and evolving towards more human and pleasant environments where everything is not just worked. That of the boring offices is already out of fashion, now it’s time to get a charming office in which to feel at home, do you sign up?

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  1. The cozy office

In winter, you want a sofa and blanket at all hours, but since the world does not stop when we want, it is best to move that feeling of home and comfort to the office. How? Well, there are always details that can help you give a more welcoming appearance to an office. In this case, textiles can be the key. It is also a good way to give a fresh look to your office without great expense. And the result is worth it!

A carpet on the floor always creates a more homelike atmosphere and also protects you from the cold of the ground. Another option that the Nordics have put in fashion is to dress the chairs with warm blankets of hair. A detail that you can put in your office to give it a more winter atmosphere and turn it into a charming office. And that will also allow you not to have to take so many warm clothes to the office. And if not, you can always use this resource in your home office, so that work does not get too hard for you.

Another way to make your office cozier is the cushions with varied patterns and full of color that will help you to make it more pleasant and mullite, Especially if your chair is not too comfortable or if you have a bench area. In addition, the cushions can be renewed each season and thus give a new look to your office so that it is not monotonous.

  1. The vitalist office

Who said that an office has to be boring and hardly color? If you are a vitalist, surely the color attracts you. Well, it’s time to use it also in your office and get a dynamic and energetic atmosphere that will surely cheer you on the gray winter mornings. A good option is to opt for wallpaper and combine it with a wall with color as in this case, mint green a perfect color for the office. Or for papers with a lot of personalities that become the center of your workspace.

And if you do not dare with the paper or you find it “too much” chooses to color your chair or some of the elements that surround your work area such as lamps, drawers, desk accessories … the result you will surely love. And you can periodically renew it easier than repainting or wallpapering. You can choose pastel colors, as in the second photo, or bright colors; everything depends on your taste. But the result will be cheerful and dynamic, perfect for a dose of morning vitality. Do not think about it!

  1. The natural office

You can also get charming offices giving them a natural touch. Natural plants are always a plus for an office. We already talked about vertical gardens as one of the trends in offices but if your company does not put its grain of sand on the planet … does not mean that you do not put it in your office. You only need some natural plants and the change will be immediate. But remember that better indoor plants or that do not need much light if you do not have a very bright office.

Even if it’s just some margaritas stuck on the wall … the change will be noticed in the environment. If you also combine it with wood tones on the table and some touches of green in the accessories such as chairs, you will get a very natural and relaxed atmosphere in which to work much more at ease. Or use lots of natural fibers such as raffia or wicker in natural tones for a very bucolic look and full of charm.

  1. The retro office

The retro style is fashionable and is ideal for offices with charm. So visit antique shops and markets to find pieces for your office. You will get an office with a unique touch that will make everyone fall in love and you will feel very comfortable in your work. Or recycle some old table that was cornered in the storage room. You will not regret!

Also, the old wooden and iron school chairs can find their place again. The final touch can be provided with some retro style paper. This style is fashionable so it will be easy to find papers with geometric patterns or with an aftertaste to past decades that will bring charm to your office. As if we were traveling in time, we will feel transported to the past by recalling elements of our childhood.

In the complements of the offices with charm also opt for elements with a retro aftertaste as old table lamps, the flexor type is perfect, or an old mirror also rescued from aloft. Old objects like old typewriters, metal boxes or books … everything can regain prominence. The taste for the past is fashionable and can be the key to a very special office!

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  1. The aware office

Recycling is not just a fad but it is becoming a way of seeing the world that reaches all levels of our lives, including the office. We already talked about the OSB panels, a perfect element for the design of offices that we are seeing more and more every day in all kinds of spaces. From receptions to office tables everything can come from recycling. The human imagination knows no limits … you will be surprised at what is possible to do!

So do not miss the opportunity to introduce it also in your office to make it one of the best offices with charm in the world. From a wall of pallets that will bring a lot of charm to a table of planks or recycle old chairs. Everything can have a second use; you just need to stop for a moment and get down to work. The result is worth it! And on the internet, you will find lots of tutorials on how to carry out recycling projects that can completely transform your workspace.

But not only recycled wood you can dress your office. The metal is fashionable both in furniture and accessories so look for old metal lockers or filing cabinets and recycles them in your office; they will be a central element in your recycled decoration. And in addition they will be so beautiful, so do not let them escape. I love the result!

Another option to recycle, are wooden boxes that can have many uses, for example as shelves for your office. A way to recycle with a result that will not leave anyone indifferent. A conscious office that talks about you … and that will make everyone fall in love. The result cannot be more beautiful, do not you think? Well, it’s much simpler than it seems.

Interior Design for Offices

Interior Design for Offices

The trends 2017-2018 offices lean towards ergonomics and more efficient offices. Pleasant environments that offer comfort, rooms that enhance communication, creativity, spaces to relax or elements that make life easier will be key to generating greater productivity and effectiveness in the long run in our companies.Workspaces are adapted to the new labor realities and no longer only respond to an aesthetic question or fashion, but appear as a consequence of new needs and ways of understanding work. So let’s see what are the trends offices that are stepping into the world of offices.

These are the offices’ trends

  1. Offices trends 2018: increasingly technological offices

Can you imagine a table that recharges the battery of your mobile phone just by supporting it on the surface? The offices of the future are becoming more real and little by little they become the offices of the present.

Technology grows by leaps and bounds and of course, this also affects our way of working. Mobile phones, tablets, social networks and other technological inventions are part of our day to day and increasingly, they become fundamental pieces of the work environment. Due to this new reality, little by little the offices of the world are adapting and incorporate furniture that integrates technological elements such as screens and other tools that make our work easier.

The trends offices bring us technological tools that allow us to hold virtual meetings from different parts of the world or even large extra-thin screens that allow presentations with total comfort … Knowing each of the latest developments is essential to, for example, choose a suitable desk. Without giving us barely any account, new technologies increasingly influence our way of working and become indispensable for day to day, this leads us, inevitably, to more and more technological offices.

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  1. Offices with more flexible and multifunctional spaces

Another trend offices that we will see more and more are multifunctional spaces. Small and versatile rooms that adapt to the needs of each moment. From rooms where small informal meetings, interviews, spaces to find concentration, have a coffee … these multifunction spaces are transformed depending on the needs of each moment.

Little by little, in the offices, the fixed work position no longer prevails, but rather, it tends more and more to create multipurpose spaces where workers can move according to the moment or the task they are carrying out. It is also done to encourage communication between departments and the flow of ideas.

  1. Dark colors dress office furniture

Another trend that is definitely going strong this season is the dark colors in the furniture. Both wood and smooth tones are passed to the fashion of dark colors for office furniture. The lighter shades that have undoubtedly marked the last years are giving way to the dark ones. Dark furniture gives a more elegant look to the office.

  1. The force of nature in the workspaces

Nature is also gaining ground in the world of offices. Vertical gardens, plants, and green spaces add that breathe of fresh air in the workspaces. More importance is given to creating pleasant spaces for workers in order to obtain a more efficient job. The offices with a small external connection are always more pleasant and allow people to concentrate better and generate a better environment.

From placing a small cactus on the desk to spectacular interior gardens that wear the green offices has become an element to take into account when designing workspaces. You can discover more in our article of office decoration with plants.

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  1. More and more leisure and relaxation spaces

To end the trends offices we will see how some large companies, such as Google or Microsoft, have served as an example to many others that little by little include and are giving more and more importance to leisure and relaxation spaces allowing The workers take a break in their workday to resume it with even more energy when they return.

We find then companies that dedicate spaces for leisure with beautiful gardens, games rooms, cafes or spaces with really original environments that allow us to have fun. Rooms where we can have a coffee with a client or work at a given moment in a more attractive space in a more relaxed way. Bold colors and shapes previously unthinkable for offices or workspaces become a reality. Gone is the idea that work should be boring and serious and this leads us to offices where going to work becomes something motivating and fun also comes into play.

A new way of understanding work with more flexible schedules, in which the results prevail over working hours, allow the idea of more versatile offices with spaces in which to disconnect and relax. Many are the office trends that have come to stay. What trend is your favorite?

As you can see, the world of the office is evolving along with new work needs. The incorporation of technology and the emergence of new needs within the workplace little by little take shape and are introduced into the office awareness of designing cozy, fun and colorful spaces. We hope you liked this office trends article. Which one did you like the most? Are you going to introduce some trend in the office? Thank you very much for reading and until next week!