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Desk Ideas


There are several aspects that should be considered before making a decision. They include questions of aesthetics and design, but also of elements that allow adaptation to the work to be performed and, of course, to allow flexible use in the event that the company intends to grant several functions. Although the list of features that make a desk furniture perfect for an office could be much more extensive depending on the project you are working on, what we intend today is to introduce you to some of the manufacturers of this type of furniture that are very interesting for their proposals in the market.

The Tay series of DVO

One of the best-known Italian manufacturers is committed to a desktop table model that maintains straight lines that fit perfectly with a luxury design. The finishing of the materials, the selection of the colors and, the essence of the design bet to remember a handmade furniture thought to adapt to the most complex situations of work without giving up its high aesthetic value. This model of desktop furniture is ideal for offices where the image comes first and, above all, to highlight the exclusive character of the brand they represent.

The Heos table

Heos intends to reinvent the lines adjusting them to a modern design It is the solution for those environments in which curved lines motivate movement and transmit an image of continuous evolution. Although its legs are the most striking element and seem really fragile, the design of this desk has been studied in depth so that this feature is only an optical illusion. In usual use, the Heos table is as robust as any other that has its legs straight. Ideal to combine in designs such as those of the most current offices that seek to differentiate themselves in the aesthetic sense.

Belesa’s desk furniture proposal

A simple design with very straight lines is the desk furniture proposal that they propose with the Belesa model. It is ideal for environments that seek to promote an image of simplicity, while wanting to convey sophistication and elegance. There are several finishing options to combine it with the rest of the elements that make up the office design. The lightness of its elements is a characteristic that stands out in a positive way.

Modern Desks for Small Spaces

office furniture


Nowadays one of the problems that our clients have when choosing office furniture is not the shortage of supply, but quite the opposite: there are so many different offers, so varied and of such quality that define the criteria for choosing furniture Office becomes a “Chinese” task . To facilitate a little the work of the responsible of purchases of the company or of the independent designer that offers interior design and decoration services to its clients, in Spandan we have created the following quick guide to choose office furniture, a brief and concise list, but that It contains the main information you have to look at before making this profitable investment.

The space

The first criterion on which you will base your purchase decision is basic: what space will you furnish? Many furniture manufacturers create their catalogs based on the room or space where both furniture and auxiliary elements will be incorporated. The spatial criteria will serve us from two complementary points of view:

  • The square meters that we have will allow us to determine the size of the furniture and also its shape: round or square tables for meeting rooms, stackable desks, storage lockers instead of individual drawers, etc.
  • The main task developed in this workspace will allow us to choose furniture that adapts to the functionality that we are going to give them. For example, it is very different to buy chairs for the waiting room, seats that will be used very occasionally, than to choose ergonomic and functional operating chairs where our team spend long hours of work.


A second criterion that will help us to choose office furniture is to choose a specific design style: classic, vintage, modern, functional, customary, innovative … A couple of interesting tips from our experts in integral design of workspaces:

  • It is not mandatory that all rooms or workspaces maintain the same design line. Some of the most innovative companies intersperse different styles to convey freshness, spontaneity or modernity of their human team.
  • The design of work furniture, a desk or a chair should never take precedence over its ergonomics and functionality. Do you remember the concept of “Design Thinking “? Designing always thinking about the use that the human being will give to each object is one of the keys to the success of the most productive companies.

The real need

The third criterion that will facilitate the choice of office furniture is to prepare a list of the basic and essential elements that you will need in your work space. Logically, each company, each professional will need a series of basic furniture to do their job, but there are three that are common to any office task:

  • Seats. Operating chairs, steering chairs, high stools for rest areas, comfortable chairs for the waiting room … In any office we find different types of seats that must be chosen depending on the use we will give them and, also, the frequency of that use (daily, punctual, etc.).
  • Desks and operating tables. Although our workers prefer to work standing up, they will always need an ergonomic surface where to use the computer, take notes, draw plans, attend to customers, etc. On the other hand, what would a productive office be without a meeting table?
  • Filing and storage furniture. It can be the classic chest of drawers or the modern solution of the general locker, the cabinets that also serve to separate spaces or the shelves of a lifetime, in any office it is necessary to choose furniture that allows workers to archive their documentation, organize administrative paperwork, guard the personal data of your customers and suppliers, etc.


sustainable design your office


It is usual to understand sustainable design a whole series of factors related to office environments closer to nature. The inclusion of plant elements, noble materials and even finishes that remind the natural environment to achieve maximum concentration, as well as the most absolute comfort for employees. Many studies have shown that workers value work environments that are respectful of nature very positively.

But how can you encourage this type of space and what materials should you use to create sustainable designs in an office? Actually, until a few years ago it was somewhat complex to commit to these concepts because there was barely enough supply in the market to achieve it. However, today, many manufacturers are committed to the idea of ​​designing functional furniture, aesthetically appropriate and respectful of the environment. Some examples of brands that can help you in your task we will see below.

Large manufacturers are not only known for making available to users adequate furniture to virtually any room in the office, but also distinguished by a sustainable manufacturing design and rational use of the materials with which they create their furniture. Thus, both have certificates that indicate the sustainable origin of the wood, the amount of recycled materials that have been used in the manufacture of their products and their level of recyclability.

The identifying labels used by manufacturers are a guarantee of the sustainability of the furniture in several terms. In fact, in the first place, the sustainable origin of the wood assures the buyer that it invests in a product that has been taken care of from the most virgin raw material respecting the environment and the conditions of the workers who have been part of the process. In many European countries this label has become very relevant for those offices that intend to set an example of ethics and that base their marketing thesis on the commitment to a fairer and greener society.

Labels that help you identify furniture that suits sustainable design your office not only indicates the concept that we have mentioned in the upper lines. As we said, it also shows the amount of recycled products that have been used and the level of recyclability. The first term refers to some elements that may come from components that had already been used before and that have undergone a recycling process to be part of one of the pieces of furniture in your office. The second concept refers to the ease with which you can recycle the furniture you are thinking of buying in the future, when you no longer need it. This idea is important to bet on a better world tomorrow. After all, caring for the environment and betting on sustainable design is much more than thinking about the present, it is also living thinking about the future.



One of the fundamental premises for furnishing an office is to make the most of the space, giving priority to look for the perfect furniture, more for its usefulness than for its decorative function. If it is a question of furnishing a small office, we must give even more importance to this aspect.

When it comes to furnishing a small office, we can pay attention to the colors we use for the selection of furniture, as well as the design and comfort of the workers.

How to furnish a small office making the most of space


It is important to choose specific furniture for the workplace. Office furniture can vary in design, but all have in common that they seek worker comfort to develop their activity and fulfill a specific function in the workplace.


It is important to use furniture designed expressly for office, since often we speak of ergonomic furniture, adaptable to the individual needs of each worker.


We must evaluate how much space we have available to place the necessary furniture. Before buying them you have to decide what the needs that exist in the office are and what furniture can satisfy them in the best way possible.

Furnishing a small office can be a challenge if we want to do without any furniture, but there is furniture with designs specially created for the office and that can meet our expectations occupying only the minimum space.


Once we know what the needs of the workers in the office are, we must choose the furniture. At this point we will have to take into account furniture intended for the continuous use of employees, such as office chairs and office tables, but also other necessary furniture, such as those intended for storage.



Whether we talk about the color of the paint on the walls of the office or the furniture, we must take into account several aspects. If we need to furnish a small office, we will have to use light colors to give more spaciousness. The white color for the walls is a resource used in interior decoration to create the illusion of a more spacious place.

We can use other decorative elements, which will not be strictly furniture, to give a final touch to the office. The plants create a fresh and modern environment, in addition to providing color and life.


The selection of colors for the selection of furniture or the painting of the walls is as important as the lighting for furnishing a small office.

The ideal is natural lighting, if we can count on it. To make the most of the outside light we must use translucent white curtains, we can also use Japanese blinds or panels, which bring elegance and modernity to the decoration.

Although we have natural light, in the office there will be an electrical installation and we must think what is the most appropriate type of artificial light for a work environment.

Fluorescents are the kind of light that we usually find in many offices, but if we can choose, LED lights with a rather cold color temperature can be the most indicated.



One of the best ways to renovate the decoration is to change the color of the furniture we already have. With a simple change of color we can give a complete turn to the environment of an office. Today we tell you the steps to carry out if we want to paint a piece of furniture of another color.

To change the color of a piece of furniture we must first take into account that it is possible to first remove the paint that is already on it . Wood furniture, whether made of solid wood or agglomerate, requires the following procedures.

Steps to paint a piece of furniture of another color


This will be the first thing we have to do if it is a piece of furniture in several pieces, such as a dresser or a file cabinet with drawers. We must separate each of these pieces to work with them individually.



Sanding is an essential step to paint furniture of another color. We must carefully sand all the pieces and pay attention to the corners and corners. This step is especially necessary if the furniture has a varnish, which is the most usual regarding the finish of the paint.

We can use an electric sander for large and smooth areas and finish with hand sandpaper for corners where it does not enter.

After sanding the piece completely we must make sure to clean all the impurities of the varnish and the wood.



Before applying the final paint to the furniture, we must apply a base paint over the entire surface. This priming paint will help the final paint better cover the surface of the furniture. We apply it with a brush or roller, depending on the areas.

Some furniture paints, currently, come with the built-in primer, if so; we just have to make sure it is a quality painting that will give us an optimal result. We must completely cover the surface of the furniture, for all corners where we will then paint with the final color.


This is the penultimate step to paint a piece of furniture another color. In this case we must apply with a brush or roller two layers of paint, in this way, the furniture will be perfectly covered by the color we have chosen.

We advise you to take it easy, so that there are no bubbles in the paint, for this it is better to use the roller in all areas of the furniture that allow it.


The last layer that we will give the furniture will be varnish or polyurethane, to protect the paint. In case of using polyurethane, we recommend that it be water-based, just like painting. The polyurethane has different finishes, from matte, gloss or semi-gloss. Choose the one you like the most based on the feeling you want to get and the rest of the furniture found in the office.

In this case, apply two layers, and wait several hours between others. Once you have applied the last layer, we recommend that you wait a couple of days or three to use the furniture.

We hope you have been clear how to paint a piece of furniture of another color and, you know; if you have any questions or something to contribute, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

Office Paint Ideas and Tips

Colors for Painting Small Offices

Decorating a small office does not have to be a problem if we follow a series of practical tips. One of the most important aspects when making the most of small spaces is to choose the right colors to paint the walls and ceilings. The color for an office has a very positive effect on our mood but it can also help to create optical effects that make space seem more spacious and bright. The overall goal is to bring light to that space. This is much simpler if the room we have to decorate has a lot of natural light but if you do not have it, do not despair and follow the following tricks to paint small offices.

  1. Light colors

First, we will choose light tones that create an effect of spaciousness and comfort. These colors reflect the light making the rooms feel more spacious. Within the light tones, we can choose the white and all its range of shades. At first sight, white can make us a boring color but in reality, it has many different shades. The best way to get the most out of it is by using these white shades to combine them with other colors. A very good idea is to combine the white with touches of color in the decoration as for example giving a note of joy choosing a chair or other small element of a cheerful color. Another color very suitable for painting small offices is fresh blue. Warm colors create closeness effects so we are not interested, while cold tones, on the other hand, seem to be farther away, making the spaces look much wider and wider. In this way, the walls seem to separate and the rooms grow. Finally, we have neutral colors such as beige, gray or brown that helps the eyesight not stop at any element creating a lot of harmonies. For the rest it is important that there is no type of wallpaper since the patterns, in general, makes space is perceived as more full and reduced.

white office paint ideas

  1. Color continuity

The chromatic continuity is a very important option since it allows to create harmonic spaces. In general, we will choose the same color for walls and ceiling creating continuity in the color that picks up the light. If we eliminate the pictures and maintain the order we will be able to enhance this effect much more. If we also choose curtains and paint the windows of the same color we will make the ceiling look much higher.

What we propose is just not to do what you see in the following image. The first mistake is to have chosen dark furniture that absorbs light instead of bouncing it. In this way, the room looks much smaller and more oppressive. Is it true that you do not feel like working in this space?

Another mistake is having painted the wall black. It is the worst color that could have been chosen. It is the darkest color that exists and extinguishes the rooms. It is not that it is a forbidden color but of course it is a bad choice if we talk about small spaces. In addition to being next to such white walls breaks with the continuity and harmony of space.

Modern Office Paint

  1. Much lighter roofs

Regardless of the color that is chosen, the ideal to enlarge the space is to paint the ceiling lighter than the walls. One of the best options for painting the ceiling is white because it makes the walls look taller and creates the illusion that the ceiling is much higher.

  1. Exceptions to all of the above

In this section, we are going to give a series of ideas that contradict what we have exposed so far that basically, it is necessary to paint small offices

-Choose clear colors; if possible white or cold tones

-Pin all walls of the same color to generate color continuity

-Paint ceilings lighter colors than walls

To create a depth effect you can paint the wall opposite the entrance a darker pair of shades. In this way, it will seem that the walls are separated and there is more space. This effect will be much more enhanced if there is a window on that wall.

Office Interior Painting

There is a belief that the prints create an optical illusion that makes space be perceived as more full and oppressive. This is so in general but there are exceptions, such as stripes that help increase the perception of space. If we paint wide strips of color we will generate an effect of greater depth while with narrow stripes it will seem that the room has more height. Another very curious trick is to paint the walls making a gradient. In this way, an optical effect is generated that makes us perceive the stay much wider.

keys to get Minimalist Offices

We had said that the ceilings should be painted lighter colors than the walls but there is an exception and that is when it is a small room with a very high ceiling. In this case, there is the possibility of painting the roof of a dark color to create a cozy refuge effect. In this way, we harmonize the small size of the room.

Minimalist Offices

keys to get Minimalist Offices

Minimalism is an artistic movement that began around 1960 and that bets on simple geometric shapes, pure colors and open and clear spaces. It is a search for balance by removing all unnecessary elements from any space or work of art. It is, therefore, a return to the origin, to the essence of the objects that continues to be a trend and will always have its followers. And they do not lack reasons!


Office design is undoubtedly one of the most influential decorative styles because it helps to promote communication and creates calm environments in which to work without distractions or unnecessary elements. Let’s see some of the most important aspects that we must take into account when designing our minimalist style office. Do you come to see it?

  1. The search for minimalist offices with open spaces


Minimalism enhances open spaces, with few structures so that the vision reaches as far as possible, and can be with high ceilings. In office design, minimalism is committed to reducing visual pollution, making the maximum of less is more … The open spaces help communication between people so we will try to avoid divisions to the maximum. The jobs are communicated directly without barriers between them, giving rise to large spaces visually and in which it is easy to communicate. That’s how nice to work! Do not you think?


This premise is also applicable to the rest of the company’s areas such as common rooms or dining areas. The fewer elements that divide the space, the better. This dining room would be an ideal example. Functional elements such as people tables, chairs suitable for use and the use of few colors. Just a touch of green in a space that enhances light and relaxation, perfect!

Office Project Management Services


When it is necessary to create divisions for a functional need, we will try to make the space as clear as possible. For example, using separators for tables that help protect the privacy of the user without overloading the space as in this example. In this way we can reduce noise pollution and give a little privacy to each person without space is closed or has the feeling of being imprisoned.


  1. The commitment to neutral and luminous colors

White and neutral tones are undoubtedly the central axis of minimalist office designs. We seek to expand the space and unify it to obtain a harmonious and relaxed setting. Light colors such as white or beige and gray tones will also help us to enhance the brightness of the spaces to make the most of natural light. And also the result will be spectacular.


The contrast in the environment will be provided by decorative elements with color such as orange, blue or red chairs. Or some lamps with a little color. But in no case should we abuse them since the idea is that the role of the office space itself and not the decorative elements that should be minimal.


  1. The choice of materials as pure as possible

Minimalism advocates the use of pure materials such as wood, glass, aluminum or cement. The colors of the natural wood with its marked veins, the metal legs in aluminum color or the rustic walls as if we had not treated them are the perfect definition of the minimalist concept in offices. And we will obtain ideal spaces for work.


The fabrics must always be smooth, no prints or flashy designs and be able to be as natural as possible materials. The smooth walls in light colors or covered with brick or cement is also typical of this style in which you want to return to the essence of each element. Also, wooden floors are a good idea if you want to create a comfortable and cozy minimalist office.


  1. The minimalist furniture is simple and functional


The concept of minimalism is very clear when it comes to furniture: it must be simple and functional, without artifice or superfluous adornments. Austerity in the design that fits very well with the functionality of office furniture. The straight and pure lines and the ordered spaces will help us focus attention on what is important and let go of distractions.


Use the essential furniture for your work but forget about cramming the space with a large number of objects. Remember that less is more and that it will be easier to work and concentrate on little-charged spaces. This should apply to all areas of the office from reception to community areas. You can use paintings or decorative elements but they should never become the center of the room or steal the whole role.

Minimalist reception, the face of your company

When choosing furniture for an office, functionality often comes first. Comfortable furniture that promotes good employee productivity.

However, speaking of the area of welcome to customers and associates, the strategy changes. A minimalist reception attracts for its charm and simplicity. For being broad without becoming cold. Numerous companies that have opted for these designs in their reception counters affirm that minimalism does not go unnoticed by their clients.

Conference Room Furniture Ideas

When choosing your minimalist reception furniture, always look for the straight lines of them. The abuse of ornaments, colors, objects in view of the user reduces the sense of cleanliness and spaciousness typical of minimalism.


  1. Let yourself be seduced by black and white binomial


A trend that returns with strength and that goes hand-in-hand with minimalist style decorations is the decoration in black and white. An elegant and timeless combination that is also topical. An office decorated in black and white will always make you look good.


But you can apply it to any area of the office, from the reception to the offices passing through the common areas. A classic but stylish solution, do not you think? And in office design, it is very fashionable again. And it is not for less pq with this combination you will get an impressive office but at the same time elegant and serious.

Five ideas in minimalist office design that will help you get the most out of the available space by putting all the emphasis on spaces and helping to improve concentration and communication. Two essential aspects of a good performance at work and that every day charges more prominence.

Interior Design for Offices

Interior Design for Offices

The trends 2017-2018 offices lean towards ergonomics and more efficient offices. Pleasant environments that offer comfort, rooms that enhance communication, creativity, spaces to relax or elements that make life easier will be key to generating greater productivity and effectiveness in the long run in our companies.Workspaces are adapted to the new labor realities and no longer only respond to an aesthetic question or fashion, but appear as a consequence of new needs and ways of understanding work. So let’s see what are the trends offices that are stepping into the world of offices.

These are the offices’ trends

  1. Offices trends 2018: increasingly technological offices

Can you imagine a table that recharges the battery of your mobile phone just by supporting it on the surface? The offices of the future are becoming more real and little by little they become the offices of the present.

Technology grows by leaps and bounds and of course, this also affects our way of working. Mobile phones, tablets, social networks and other technological inventions are part of our day to day and increasingly, they become fundamental pieces of the work environment. Due to this new reality, little by little the offices of the world are adapting and incorporate furniture that integrates technological elements such as screens and other tools that make our work easier.

The trends offices bring us technological tools that allow us to hold virtual meetings from different parts of the world or even large extra-thin screens that allow presentations with total comfort … Knowing each of the latest developments is essential to, for example, choose a suitable desk. Without giving us barely any account, new technologies increasingly influence our way of working and become indispensable for day to day, this leads us, inevitably, to more and more technological offices.

Office Interior Designers

  1. Offices with more flexible and multifunctional spaces

Another trend offices that we will see more and more are multifunctional spaces. Small and versatile rooms that adapt to the needs of each moment. From rooms where small informal meetings, interviews, spaces to find concentration, have a coffee … these multifunction spaces are transformed depending on the needs of each moment.

Little by little, in the offices, the fixed work position no longer prevails, but rather, it tends more and more to create multipurpose spaces where workers can move according to the moment or the task they are carrying out. It is also done to encourage communication between departments and the flow of ideas.

  1. Dark colors dress office furniture

Another trend that is definitely going strong this season is the dark colors in the furniture. Both wood and smooth tones are passed to the fashion of dark colors for office furniture. The lighter shades that have undoubtedly marked the last years are giving way to the dark ones. Dark furniture gives a more elegant look to the office.

  1. The force of nature in the workspaces

Nature is also gaining ground in the world of offices. Vertical gardens, plants, and green spaces add that breathe of fresh air in the workspaces. More importance is given to creating pleasant spaces for workers in order to obtain a more efficient job. The offices with a small external connection are always more pleasant and allow people to concentrate better and generate a better environment.

From placing a small cactus on the desk to spectacular interior gardens that wear the green offices has become an element to take into account when designing workspaces. You can discover more in our article of office decoration with plants.

Office Workstation Designers

  1. More and more leisure and relaxation spaces

To end the trends offices we will see how some large companies, such as Google or Microsoft, have served as an example to many others that little by little include and are giving more and more importance to leisure and relaxation spaces allowing The workers take a break in their workday to resume it with even more energy when they return.

We find then companies that dedicate spaces for leisure with beautiful gardens, games rooms, cafes or spaces with really original environments that allow us to have fun. Rooms where we can have a coffee with a client or work at a given moment in a more attractive space in a more relaxed way. Bold colors and shapes previously unthinkable for offices or workspaces become a reality. Gone is the idea that work should be boring and serious and this leads us to offices where going to work becomes something motivating and fun also comes into play.

A new way of understanding work with more flexible schedules, in which the results prevail over working hours, allow the idea of more versatile offices with spaces in which to disconnect and relax. Many are the office trends that have come to stay. What trend is your favorite?

As you can see, the world of the office is evolving along with new work needs. The incorporation of technology and the emergence of new needs within the workplace little by little take shape and are introduced into the office awareness of designing cozy, fun and colorful spaces. We hope you liked this office trends article. Which one did you like the most? Are you going to introduce some trend in the office? Thank you very much for reading and until next week!