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sustainable design your office


It is usual to understand sustainable design a whole series of factors related to office environments closer to nature. The inclusion of plant elements, noble materials and even finishes that remind the natural environment to achieve maximum concentration, as well as the most absolute comfort for employees. Many studies have shown that workers value work environments that are respectful of nature very positively.

But how can you encourage this type of space and what materials should you use to create sustainable designs in an office? Actually, until a few years ago it was somewhat complex to commit to these concepts because there was barely enough supply in the market to achieve it. However, today, many manufacturers are committed to the idea of ​​designing functional furniture, aesthetically appropriate and respectful of the environment. Some examples of brands that can help you in your task we will see below.

Large manufacturers are not only known for making available to users adequate furniture to virtually any room in the office, but also distinguished by a sustainable manufacturing design and rational use of the materials with which they create their furniture. Thus, both have certificates that indicate the sustainable origin of the wood, the amount of recycled materials that have been used in the manufacture of their products and their level of recyclability.

The identifying labels used by manufacturers are a guarantee of the sustainability of the furniture in several terms. In fact, in the first place, the sustainable origin of the wood assures the buyer that it invests in a product that has been taken care of from the most virgin raw material respecting the environment and the conditions of the workers who have been part of the process. In many European countries this label has become very relevant for those offices that intend to set an example of ethics and that base their marketing thesis on the commitment to a fairer and greener society.

Labels that help you identify furniture that suits sustainable design your office not only indicates the concept that we have mentioned in the upper lines. As we said, it also shows the amount of recycled products that have been used and the level of recyclability. The first term refers to some elements that may come from components that had already been used before and that have undergone a recycling process to be part of one of the pieces of furniture in your office. The second concept refers to the ease with which you can recycle the furniture you are thinking of buying in the future, when you no longer need it. This idea is important to bet on a better world tomorrow. After all, caring for the environment and betting on sustainable design is much more than thinking about the present, it is also living thinking about the future.