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Today we are going to talk about a trend in office decoration that has been attracting companies and professionals from all corners of the world for years: the Feng Shui style .

Feng Shui in the workplace

Air and Water , that would be the translation of a Chinese term that has more than 6,000 years of history, the Feng-Shui. It is not easy to define a science so old and far from our Western culture practice. Perhaps we could say that Feng Shui is a mixture of philosophy and art that studies how the energy of the environment and objects can affect our physical and mental balance.

According to practitioners of Feng Shui philosophy, both the work environment and the furniture, accessories and ornaments that are part of our work space contain energy and this energy affects not only our own well-being, but the material well-being of work in Yes, the level of productivity of employees and managers and the good or bad luck we have in business.

Useful office decoration tips Feng Shui.

If you are thinking of redecorating your office, the office of your house or your training center following the guidelines of this ancient oriental discipline, surely you are useful the following tips or basic tips on the Feng Shui decoration style :

The waiting room

Normally, the waiting room of an office is very close to the entrance door and, if the company occupies several floors, it is usually located on the ground floor. This space of entry to the workspace is fundamental for Feng Shui : do not recharge the space with large furniture, umbrella stands, shelves or huge green plants. The space should be as clear as possible , the furniture should be discreet and rounded, it should have some comfortable seats with neutral colors, small plants with rounded leaves (never pointed and sharp leaves) and, if possible, some flowers of vibrant colors that transmit energy and good vibrations .

The stairs

If your work center is distributed over several floors, the Feng Shui style recommends applying the following guidelines to balance the flow of positive energy : place discreet green plants both at the beginning of the ascent and in the landings if you have them; If you put pictures or photographs on the walls, you will achieve a less pronounced ascent and, in addition, you will symbolically unite those work environments that are physically separated; the color of the staircase should be darker than that of the walls, you can reinforce the lighting with discreet wall sconces or pictures of bright colors.

The common space

The trend of creation of diaphanous work spaces fits like a glove in the philosophy of Feng Shui decoration . For Feng Shui, the obstacle-free space is perfect to let flow that positive energy that affects the level of happiness and productivity of the people who live together and work together. Feng Shui advises that the work space should be as wide as possible and, if the available meters do not allow it , arrange the furniture and accessories in a way that obstructs as little as possible to the eye.

To divide the space of the common work area, Feng Shui recommends using screens , screens or decorative elements that guarantee the privacy and concentration of employees, but do not interrupt the passage of positive energy as do conventional partitions.

Do you think the Feng Shui style would adapt to your office or office? Share your impressions in our blog!



We are going to show you some of them below so you have them in mind before deciding on a furniture company for all your ideas and proposals for your clients.

We offers all the guarantees that we are going to recommend below and that are fundamental to be able to meet the deadlines, forecasts and expectations that you and your potential clients may have. If the company you choose complies with these conditions, you can make sure that you have hit the nail on the head with the best qualities to get the ideal contract furniture provider .

Characteristics of a good supplier of contract furniture

  • Warranty : When we talk about warranty, it is not only about ensuring that the furniture you choose has the best finishes and will be durable over time, but about the guarantee offered by the best service and delivery times.
  • Advice : The advice that a supplier of contract furniture can offer you is important when creating an ideal design of the space that you are going to develop, as well as to be aware of the most interesting novelties of the market and adapt them to the idea that you have in mind.
  • Quantity and quality of the product offer : The quantity of products available in the market is immense. Not all suppliers will work with all manufacturers but it is important that you do so with some of the most relevant and that the furniture offer you have is wide enough to adapt to each and every one of your projects.
  • Service with deadlines that are met : The deadlines are one of the most common problems in the contract sector. When they are not met, a whole series of inconveniences can appear that could cause the project to be delayed, causing a lot of money and time to be lost to the final client. That is why a supplier of contract furniture must be responsible to the fullest to fulfill what it promises.
  • Possibility of analyzing future needs : When a project is finished, the client does not always make a clean slate and a new account but maintains contacts for future occasions. If on those future occasions you have to make some kind of change or analyze new needs of the company, it is worthwhile for the initial provider to maintain it. That way you can choose furniture according to the one you already had and you already know the good experience you have lived with this provider while maintaining maximum guarantees.

The trends in the world of contract furniture are also important when choosing a good supplier. In fact, it is essential that it is a company in which you find the most updated offer in the sector, to ensure that your projects are adapted to the most contemporary ideas.



A few years ago, the appearance, decoration and typical furniture of these dining rooms were more reminiscent of a canteen or a cafeteria of a higher school than a space that conveyed the corporate image of the company and offered a quality service to both managers and to the rest of the talents of our human team. The canteens in the company should be considered and valued as valuable square meters that can help us save costs, motivate our staff and ensure that they enjoy a balanced daily diet that will allow them to perform and produce one hundred percent of their capacity . Do you want us to explain why? Keep reading…

Dining rooms in the company: a measure of savings

A first advantage of conditioning and furnishing a dining room in your company is the economic savings that it represents both for the company and for the human team .

  • For the company. The company canteens avoid disbursement in vouchers and restaurant tickets . In addition, if the catering service offered by your company is not free, you can deduct part of the VAT you support for the bills of food, electricity, water, etc.
  • For the human team. A person who lives far from his workplace, spends a significant part of his salary on breakfasts, lunches, mid-morning coffees … Conditioning a business dining room will provide immediate relief in your employees’ pocket , a relief that will result in a better perception of the company and, thus, in a greater degree of commitment to its corporate objectives.

Another less easy saving to count, but also remarkable when we talk about business canteens is the reduction of costs in work absences due to accidents in itinerant . An important part of the accidents suffered by employees on the way to or from their place of work are due to lack of attention , hurry to get to work on time or, all too often, by that inevitable somnolence of the after-dinner.

office dining room furniture

Dining rooms in the company: a measure of motivation

As you know, the flexibility of work schedules is one of the most effective measures to motivate our valuable team , strengthen their commitment to the company and improve their productivity. Conditioning a space where the human team can have lunch in less than an hour instead of making a longer break will allow us:

  • Modify the schedules of entry and exit of the work so that the human team is more rested and yields more and better.
  • To strengthen the ties between the members of the company and the different departments or areas of competence. This is one of the most notable positive consequences of modern business dining rooms, spaces where workers can meet , attend a course or a continuous training workshop, chat about their things while they have lunch or have a cup of coffee … In short: turn the classic dining room into a modern ” work cafe ” space .

Dining rooms in the company: a measure of health

A healthy worker is an active and productive worker . This is a maxim of the working world, a premise in which we can influence by designing balanced and nutritious menus served in that friendly, welcoming, ergonomic and functional environment in which the new dining rooms of modern and productive companies have become .