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Vintage Office Decoration

Vintage Office Decoration

What is the difference between retro and vintage?

The term retro refers to new objects that are reminiscent of the past (whether imitating techniques, materials, etc.). It is quite common, the incorrect use of the term “retro style” to speak of a style created in the past. The retro style is always a style created in the present, which uses new objects but wants to imitate or refer to a recent past (15-20 years ago). The most common is that this style focuses on relatively recent products, fashions, and artistic styles; produced from the Industrial Revolution. From a philosophical point of view, the word retro implies a point of irony and is related to the concept of “nostalgia not sentimental”. That is, retro describes the desire to capture something from the past and evokes nostalgia full of dissatisfaction with the present that causes a certain cynicism.

It is increasingly common to combine several styles or decades in the same environment. Sometimes it is enough to place a retro object, be it a chair, a lamp or a simple pencil sharpener, to break with the dynamics of the space and give a modern touch. Although it is incorrect to refer to them as vintage objects if we can talk about vintage reproductions or objects inspired by vintage. They are the alternative for those who admire a style of the past and cannot afford it or prefer to acquire a contemporary interpretation.

Vintage, on the other hand, is the word for all objects and garments designed and manufactured in the past.

Vintage is a concept that etymologically derives from the harvest of wine and means that the object itself has improved or revalued over time, although it cannot yet be classified as antiquity.

Office Decoration with Plant

Sometimes vintage objects are well preserved because they were part of a stock that was not sold and therefore are completely new. As it is not always the case, in the decoration of vintage offices it is common to restore these objects and accept some wear as part of the aesthetics.

Chairs for a vintage office decoration

Although, as we have seen previously, vintage is a concept that refers to products manufactured in the recent past; many people associate this word with the decade of the seventies. The chairs of this era were not only more stylish than those of previous decades but they were also much more functional. The seats of the 70’s were softer and had higher backs so the comfort of the user was much higher. It was common to put armrests and use a skin.

What worship chairs have these decades left us? It is difficult to make a selection of so many possibilities but from the sixties we were left with the chair Panton (1960) Verner Panton was the first chair made of synthetic material in a single mold and the chair Ball (1966), also called Bubble Chair, designed by Eero Aarnio who designed it more as a piece of architecture than a piece of furniture. The chair creates spaces of total privacy within a shared space.

Of the decade of the seventies, we would emphasize very especially the chair Support (1979) of Fred Scott that was voted in the International Federation of Architects of 1991 as “the chair that has most influenced the office furniture“. It was one of the first office chairs designed following strict ergonomic principles. Frederick Scott designed a whole collection of chairs that could be adapted to different tasks typical of the world of the office: from desk tasks to board tables, waiting rooms or shared places.

But vintage chairs do not end there. The decades of the 80s and 90s also offer many aesthetic options and curiosities for the decoration of vintage offices. Do we see some?

We find that the chairs of this decade must adapt to the beginning of the digital age. It was at that moment when the offices finally began to look like the current offices. It was essential to design comfortable chairs as employees spent more and more time in front of computers. The eighties are the beginnings of ergonomics applied massively to office furniture. This translates into cushioned chairs, armrests and even the possibility of adjusting the chair to the user’s characteristics.

The desire and need to make the chairs as ergonomic as possible continues during the nineties. The seats are becoming sophisticated and becoming as technological as the elements used in the office itself. A great example of this is the iconic Aeron chair (1992) designed by Donald Chadwick and William Stumpf.

Office Decoration with Plants

Office Decoration with Plants

Plants are one of those elements that can turn any space into a cozy place. In terms of decoration, we usually associate them with the home, but its strategic use in the workspace is increasingly fashionable.

We often do not have the authority to decide how to decorate our office, this changes and it is one of the advantages of working at home since you can design your space in your own way. But the decoration of offices with plants helps the worker to feel more connected with nature and therefore helps concentration, to develop creativity and promotes calm. The companies are aware of its benefits and recent work on its implementation.

As we saw a while ago, one of the trends in offices, which also increases productivity, is the nature of the workspace. In this article we will explore some ideas about office decoration with plants and we will also see which plants are best suited to decorate the offices and why.

Nothing better than some pots to brighten up our desk and workspace. But the decoration of offices with plants is much more. Do you dare to explore it with us?


A strategy widely used in the decoration of offices with plants is that of the vertical garden. To take this concept so associated with the exteriors to a more formal point, the idea is to create flat surfaces where to apply the plants. That is something like paintings made with plants. Do you dare to see some examples?

This strategy is perfect to give an organic air to the reception (as is the case of the Google offices in Sydney) or to give life to corridors and common areas. It can even be the star element of an office or meeting room.

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Nothing else in to enter plants in the architectural planning office. Do not think of plants as mere decorative objects, think of them as just another structural element. You will get a natural and relaxed air to the office, keeping it professional and stylish.

A very interesting resource to integrate plants in office decoration is to incorporate pots on the tables. This means not treating the pots as pots or centerpieces but as a structural part of the furniture.


At this point, why not bring the concept of the garden to the office? Take advantage of forgotten corners and common areas to create a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Join several plants on a surface of stones or use artificial turf and some natural plants to create the favorite space of all, green offices of great beauty.


The latest in air plants is called kokedama. This Japanese technique literally means “moss ball” and is a type of crop that is characterized by not using any type of pot but moss. It usually consists of a sphere that usually grows hanging. The applications of this innovative technique are multiple. Hang plants everywhere and glad corridors and offices. Nothing better to give a modern and flirtatious look to your office!


Finally, we have selected the five most suitable plants to grow in the office. All of them have in common that they need little care and that the interiors are their favorite medium. Do you want to find out what they are?

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  1. Dracaena

A very robust plant that has proven to be one of the plants that best adapts to indoor growth. One of the most positive points of this plant is that it does not need to be watered too much; it survives with little water since its roots accumulate moisture.

  1. Epipremnum aureum

Better known as “poto”, it is one of the best office decoration options with plants. Not only because it is a type of plant that is very easy to care for but also because it is effective against indoor environmental contamination, eliminating formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene; also reducing the ozone produced by printers and photocopiers. It needs indirect light and watered when the earth is dry.

  1. Cactus

The cactus and succulents are the perfect plants for those who do not have too much time to take care of them. Besides being the latest fashion will give a lot of personality to your desktop. Go ahead to create centerpieces and compositions with them.

  1. Sanseviera

The Sanseviera, also known as Sword of St. George or Mother-in-Law, has a reputation as indestructible. It is one of the most resistant indoor plants because it supports the dry and hot atmosphere of the rooms and the lack of light. It also supports that you do not water it too much or that it is transplanted. That is, it is perfect for decorating the office.

  1. Adam’s Rib

The rib of Adam is a very easy to care plant. Indoors you need a bright place. It is not a demanding plant in terms of risks. In addition, despite the size of its leaves it does not demand to be pulverized since it tolerates dry environments.

How to Choose an Office Table

How to Choose an Office Table with Total Security

The work table it is the great ally in each working day, but if it is of poor quality it can turn your day into a nightmare. It is very important to know how to fit an office desk to suit your needs but how to choose an office table? To do so, it is essential to have a series of answers clear: what are your daily needs in relation to the type and style of work you have? What is the size that will fit well within the limitations of your office? Can the desktop surface support the demands of daily use of your work and work environment? Having the most appropriate office table is essential not only for the worker but also for the company itself because if the table provides ergonomics and comfort,


It is essential that when it comes to choosing an office table, it provides enough space for the legs. Standard desk heights are usually between 70 and 75 centimeters off the ground. The recommended table width depends a lot on the tasks to be performed. It is not the same a table designed to be used by a single person, a table used as a desk or a table used to meet face to face with customers.

It is vitally important that the equipment and desk materials are easy and comfortable to reach, and that there is enough space so as not to overload the desk. In addition, the tables should not have sharp edges because they create unnecessary pressure on the wrists. Therefore, it is recommended to choose tables with rounded edges.

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How to choose an office table: balance work.

Once we have calculated how much space we can allocate to our office table, we can choose a configuration. The objective is to achieve a wide space of work and storage. What elements are indispensable in your work table? Does your desk need to accommodate a telephone, a fax, a printer and a computer or just a laptop? Do you work exclusively on the computer, or do you need space to place several sheets of paper and documents? The amount and size of tools needed at your fingertips should also be a consideration. Depending on the type of work, you may need more space than that provided by a single office desk. But you can always add a wing.

When you ask how to choose an office table, it is very important that you also think about how to organize your desk; this will take you to consider the accessories that you can apply. The fronts and dividers are perfect and indispensable to create separate work areas and provide some privacy in a shared and reduced space.

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If most of your work is done with the computer, it is essential to select a desk with cable glands. This way, you can keep the cables out of the way and ordered in a safe way.

If the type of work tends to generate a lot of paperwork and it is essential to accommodate stacks of papers or books, it is important to choose a table that has the widest possible surface.

You can consider a desktop configuration in the form of “L” to allow work and space for individual tasks. If finance or space allows, “U” desks are shared desktops very useful when you want several employees to work together. Another very interesting option can be to combine several surfaces and place two tables in parallel or choose tables in a U or L shape. Round or oval tables for small meetings are also highly advisable. For larger and more formal meetings, a rectangular table of certain proportions seems necessary.

Storage space

But … What happens if you do not have enough space? One option to consider is to choose a table that has a storage system or integrated drawer units. When choosing a drawer or buck, it is essential to pay attention to the material. It is common for many manufacturers to offer chipboard or DM drawers. Low-quality materials that wear easily with daily use. For a professional and intensive use, it is essential to buy steel drawers and tables. Only then can you ensure its durability and quality.


When thinking about quality and durability, it is important to consider the legs of the table. There are many types of legs and it can be very helpful to know their characteristics and the features offered by each of them. In addition to the aesthetic element, the type of support and stability may vary so nothing safer than talking with specialized professionals. The only way to not be wrong!

Modern Office Decoration Ideas

Steps for the Decoration of the First Office

Have you recently opened an office and have you decorated and furnished it correctly? Starting a new project in your life and undertaking is a great personal and professional challenge. If you decide to open an office to perform your work you have several tasks ahead. One of them is to furnish the new office in a professional manner and faithfully represent the identity of your new company and values. You should also differentiate the spaces according to the uses that are going to be given, if there is going to be a waiting room, if there will be a large number of employees, etc. always knowing the furniture that should never be missing in an office. Do not worry; this guide will give you the basic steps for decorating the first office and making your office look the way you want.

  1. The budget

It is very important to limit your budget so that the decoration of the first office does not get out of hand. It also helps you prioritize the furniture you really need during the first months of life of the new office. What furniture do you have to buy? What is the lighting of your office? What is the space you have? How many employees are you going to have? Knowing this is essential, as they will define your budget. You can visit our post about small office design with tips on decorating small workspaces that never fail.

First, you should prioritize the theme of lighting; know the arrangement of windows and light sources. Then, choose the furniture you need most to make your office operational from the first day and distribute it in the best way so that the office does not seem saturated and have an optimal appearance. Finally, put the details so that it gives personality to the office and reflects the values and personality. Doing so will help you make a more efficient and tiered budget.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is important and it is the first thing that must be taken into account for the decoration of the first office. If you have enough natural light, take advantage of it and create bright spaces where you can hold meetings and conferences. Also, if you want screens, let them be made of glass so that natural light can penetrate.

If you do not have enough natural light, stop by large LED lights to illuminate as much as possible and saving energy. In addition, if the light the warmer and clearer it is better to achieve a more pleasant atmosphere at work.

  1. Furniture for the decoration of your first office

Now it’s time to choose the whole repertoire of furniture that will decorate your office. It is important to take an inventory to find out what is needed in an office since the furniture not only serves to decorate but is really needed to perform tasks so it is necessary to prioritize the functionality of the furniture. Chairs of all kinds, from rotating to employees as well as confident chairs for meetings and waiting rooms. The different types of tables are also necessary. Both office tables for workers and tables for management and meetings should be on the list. Versatile and functional furniture that serves a little for everything (table + filing cabinet) should be first on your list. Finally, there is a good list of furniture that is vital for the good functioning of the office such as cabinets, filing cabinets and bucks.

Modern Office Furniture Ideas

Obviously, depending on the type of business you have, you will need a type of furniture more urgently than others, for example, if your business has a call-center for customer service cubicles are essential, apart from good separations so that work is better. If your office has the reception a counter is mandatory. You can find all the furniture you need on the renewed Spandan website.

  1. The details

It is important to give the office a personality and allow its appearance to convey to your clients your way of doing and feeling. For this reason, it is not the same to decorate stock exchange investment offices, as the decoration of a law firm or a clothing store. Each of them should be decorated in line with what they want to convey (hard work, safety, comfort, etc.)

Use the corporate colors in the decoration if you want a more business image but we recommend using the colors that best fit the space and lighting that is available. The light and neutral colors are ideal for small and bright spaces, but if you want to be riskier, colors like orange or other are accepted to encourage creativity. You can also place several accessories that will come very well to give life to the office, from plants that give the space a green and necessary touch as well as paintings that give the necessary color to the walls of the office. Finally, the “mood boards “are great additions both decorative and functional.

Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

We hope that this guide will make things clearer when it comes to decorating the first office and that you have many successes with the challenge that lies before you. We know that it is difficult to be successful and that is why we want to help by making the decoration of the first office as easy as possible. Thank you very much for reading and we hope to see you next week!

Modern Office

Modern Office and a Contemporary one

Despite being a few styles of offices that resemble each other, there are several clear differences between modern and contemporary offices. Many times these two styles are confused and today we are going to establish similarities and differences between modern and contemporary offices.

The style of the modern office

Although it is called modern, this style of decoration and architecture emerged in the early twentieth century, so it has its years. This style has as its main characteristic that the forms are much more important than the details. Everything must have a useful function and any superfluous element is eliminated. It also gives great importance to the material, mainly metals and concrete. Therefore, in modern offices, we will find steel tables and chairs with very straight shapes that are very useful for the operation of the office. The crystal will also have its role. The colors present in a modern style office will be very neutral with whites and grays at the top.

It should be added that the minimalist style takes several concepts of modern style, although the minimalist goes much further with the subtraction of decoration and affects much of the order.

The style of the contemporary office

This style refers to the whole set of trends in architecture and decoration from the 90s to today, giving more prominence to the trends that are fashionable at the moment. This style is very eclectic and agglomerates many aesthetics due to the influence of globalization and the great variety of trends that coexist at the same time. Every interior designer and architect, who has the contemporary style as principal, will always try to put his personal touch.

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The contemporary offices look for that space is homelike and cozy with a very careful aesthetics and the multitude of details that confer to space a unique personality that differentiates it from the other offices. The color is very important in a contemporary office and within the coherence and common sense, is not afraid to combine bright colors with more neutral colors, always looking to get more space in the office. The decoration is not fixed so much in the perfect and rectilinear forms but more in the utility and the aesthetic beauty of the furniture.