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Modern Office Interior Design

Commercial and Modern Office Interior Designer

Commercial Office Interior Design Services in Vadodara

In order to sit in the higher position of the industry, we offer a wide range of Commercial Interior Design Services. The provided service is rendered by our professionals using advanced technology. Owing to its flawless execution, attractive design, and perfect work, this service is valued by our honored clients.



3D modeling allows interior designers to easily present an interior or exterior design concept. The owner of a company has a good idea of ​​the concept, the office furniture, custom cabinets and suggested materials. For a construction or renovation project, 3D is now a must in commercial design, because you can visualize your project as in reality!



Do you have a commercial project in the Vadodara? Know that working with interior designers to manage your project is freeing you from a demanding responsibility. Their role is to coordinate all the stakeholders on a construction site, from the developer to the cabinet manufacturers and the office furniture suppliers to the general building contractor.



Spandan’s turnkey design service is a personalized approach to realize your design plans, cabinets or office furniture. Interior designers, specialists in renovation and construction, put you in contact with qualified stakeholders.



The completion of complete plans and specifications for a commercial construction or renovation is the foundation of a successful development. Several details are to be considered so that developers and contractors carry out the work according to the concepts of interior designers, which include layout plans, custom office furniture, electricity, choice of materials, etc.



In all commercial design concepts, the choice of materials and office furniture is greatly facilitated when you entrust this task to qualified interior designers such as Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.. They know the resources of the city of Vadodara, have contacts and know how to find the elements that will make your development exceptional.


As a developer or business owner, you will surely want to have a unique concept that reflects your image. The design department of Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. includes the creation of distinctive layout plans, allowing you to welcome your customers in the atmosphere you want to offer, as soon as they enter your commercial space.

Corporate Office Interior

Corporate Office Interior Designers Vadodara


Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is a firm specialized in realizing commercial, real estate and corporate projects. We work closely with our customers and other professionals in order to simplify the steps of a project. Our goal is to create signature spaces that are creative, responsive to budget constraints and timelines. We offer a 5-step service that transposes your ideas to your new reality without hassle or complications:

  1. Taking needs of users and reading spaces;
  2. Concept development and layout;
  3. Preliminary plans and budget;
  4. Plans & performance specifications;
  5. Services during construction and post-construction monitoring.


Our offer is more than just beautiful spaces. We improve the identity of places by creating sustainable and adaptable environments and ensuring the maximum management of your square feet. We want to take your project to a higher level by incorporating notions of profitability for you and your company.


We are passionate about new products and offer flawless service in all stages of the project. We work for you to simplify the realization of your project and all while respecting your budget. We will produce technical plans and complete specifications in interior design, composition details, national building code study and custom furniture details.

Why choose us for Corporate Office Interior Designing Services?

why choose us

Be assured that the hiring of an interior designer is not superfluous in the realization of your project; we are your insurance for ingenious results which will make profitable your investment of time and money during works, of redevelopment, construction, expansion or relocation. By mandating us, you ensure the smooth progress of the work. Interior Designer in Vadodara rethinks and optimizes the space, makes it safe, adapts it to the needs of those who live in it, attend it, or work there. Our knowledge of the market, trends, endless suppliers, materials and opportunities available to you are your insurance policy for the success of your project. We help you make the right choices according to your budget and your desires. Our mission is to make sure you make the right decisions and save you time and money.


We believe that our facilities must adapt to your needs and not the other way around. This is why our deepest and most original wish is to target the complete satisfaction of its customers.

To achieve this, we provide each client with a quality service, perfectly adapted to the desired objectives, economically profitable, rich in innovation and scalable.

For Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., each project must be a real team work combining a client and experienced professionals, complementary, producing a qualitative and sustainable work.

Office Interior designer

Office Interior Designers in Vadodara


We optimize our proposals and go in the direction of your interests to achieve the realization of your desires. Our intervention improves the functionality of your building. Beyond improving the well-being of your employees, the harmonization of places created can be a support in the development or confirmation of your identity and your brand image. Our interior designers develop, for you, the best solutions to meet all your expectations.

Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. – one of the best and well known office interior designer in Vadodara generates the success of commercial design projects, office layouts, multi-dwelling, institutional and industrial residential complexes.

We believe in aesthetics, functionality, efficiency and offer integrated solutions that respect the budgets, schedules and business objectives of our customers. We are a multidisciplinary firm of experience that unites a team of talent to achieve excellence in the realization of each project.

Office interior designers


Through office interior design services in Vadodara, Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. transforms spaces into a place. We imagine, create and plan spaces to generate the ultimate customer experience. Our distinctive approach covers complete interior design services in commercial design, office layout, work environments and multi-dwelling residential complexes. Our team of interior designers designs, in an integrated approach, an interior environment that improves the performance, the quality of life of users and reflects the image of our customers.

We offer creative and exclusive solutions for the optimization of convertible surfaces, generating operational, functional and aesthetic environments, meeting the most complex requirements. We consider that the success of a project is measured by the business results, as well as the satisfaction and well-being of the user.

Conceptual Development


  • Session on visual identity and branding
  • Definition of budget objectives and project costing
  • Planning and programming of interior spaces
  • Development of interior design concept and themes
  • Selection of materials, furniture, lighting and accessories
  • Coloring
  • Creation of custom furniture
  • Computerized creation of 3D virtual images
  • Presentation model and illustrations
  • Display and signaling concepts


At the heart of the development process, we reinvent places, the environment. We believe that every building must be in harmony with its environment and adapt to its evolution. A well-designed and harmoniously integrated building ensures an exhilarating performance and quality of life for its occupants. We are certain that architecture is an aesthetic, social, environmental and philosophical reflection.

office architecture

About our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of architects, architectural technologists, landscape architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and image and work environment specialists, is committed to delivering effective and innovative solutions for large-scale projects in the commercial, corporate, multi-residential, institutional and industrial sectors. Our expertise allows the realization of projects combining aesthetics, functionality and trick, according to your budget envelope, your deadlines, as well as your business objectives and investments.



Looking for study chairs? Then you have arrived at the right place! We will tell you in great detail what you need to know about study chairs.

And it is one of the products most demanded by users, both at a private level (for our homes), and at a business level (to work in the office).

Study chairs: characteristics and types

For study chairs, normally, we understand that they are those that we use in our home and study area. However, they are similar, as we indicated, to those used in offices, because both must fulfill the same functions.

In fact, the study areas have many similarities with home offices

  • Ergonomic and comfortable An

Essential characteristic that any study chair should have. And is that the chair is a work tool and for that reason should be comfortable. It’s already a lot of work to study, is not it?

We have to take care of the health of our back, which can be progressively damaged if we do not pay attention to this aspect, so we must look at the mechanisms that account.

  • Of course

Image and aesthetics also matter, especially when combining ashlar with the rest of the furniture, not only for the colors, but also for the shapes, finishes and textures that are used.

  • Quality

In the end, the durability of our chair is essential, so we have to look at the materials that have been used to make the chair and the warranty offered by the manufacturer and / or supplier. And always keep in mind that buying a study chair, in the long term, is an investment.

What types of study chairs are there? Before entering to show you different categorizations we have to point out that there are tens, even thousands of types, since the possibilities of configuration and combination are almost endless. Imagine the range of colors, structures, finishes…

However, we will show you some categorizations that will help you when looking for the chair you want.

  • Padded (or not)

We are not surprised to find this type of chairs in the management rooms, but in a study room. However, it should not be so, since in reality in many homes there are: in the offices of the houses.

Why not use then these types of chairs for study rooms? It is an equally valid option.

  • With different structures

The second aspect you have to look at is the structure of the chair. That is, if the chair has legs, it is rotating, if it has wheels.

Needless to say, it is advisable that a study chair always has wheels. However, on exceptional occasions, it is not necessary 100% since (unlike as it happens in the office), in the study areas do not always need to move , so in specific cases you can use study chairs with legs .

  • Complements

Far from being considered only as accessories, can allow the chair to become even a very different. For example, adding head and arms.

Office Chairs Suppliers in Vadodara

We are a growing organization and have achieved a remarkable position in the domestic market by providing a quality range of Seating Systems, which includes Available in different colors and designs, these chairs are stylish in look, highly durable and comfortable to sit on. Our range of Seating Systems is manufactured using quality material, which we source from trustworthy vendors. We are engaged in offering Turnkey Project Solutions.

Office Reception Furniture

How to Choose the Reception Furniture

The reception furniture of a work space must meet two different but complementary objectives: to provide an excellent service to the workers who use them daily and transmit effectively the corporate identity of the company. Is it possible to combine these two ideal characteristics? Today we learn to do it here, in the Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.’s Blog.

Criteria for selection of reception furniture

When choosing the table, the chairs, the screens and the rest of reception furniture, we will have to take into account several factors or criteria of selection : the design, the color, the quality of the materials, the functionality, the ergonomics , the budget and, of course, the workspace, those square meters that we want to get the most out of. We will look in detail at some of these factors or selection criteria.

Modern Reception Table

The design, color and construction materials

In any magazine, catalog or web page of reception furniture manufacturers they will tell you that the office furniture that occupy the reception space of your company are key for your visitors to get a good or bad first impression of your office . These professionals who are dedicated to creating office furniture for the reception of companies of all kinds are right: the more or less classic, modern, traditional or vintage design of the reception table is capable of transmitting your corporate message much more than the more extensive corporate manual that you can write. Design, color and manufacturing materials of a reception counter, bookcases, armchairs and waiting sofas, the operating chair for the reception staff or the mobile partitions that separate the entrance from the operative work space should be able to transmit to your visitors and the members of your human team different details about:

  • The personality of your company.
  • The relaxed, but active and productive work environment of the professionals working in that environment.
  • Respect for the environment and ecology.
  • The activity sector of the company. This last point is debatable, since the latest trends in interior design opt for the originality of reception and operational furniture of companies in such classic sectors as banking or law.

Functionality and ergonomics

Reception Area Furniture

As we have told you in several e-books and articles of our blog , the design and beauty of reception furniture or hard work should not be at odds with the functionality of the furniture and, also, with ergonomics . The current design of office furniture knows how to combine these variables very well and offers us a wide catalog of furniture created by and for people: waiting benches, counter furniture, reception tables, etc., that perfectly fulfill the function for which they have been created and with a visual aspect suited to the corporate design of each office.

Space and budget

Space and budget are two fundamental criteria when choosing the office furniture that best suits the needs of the company. From this point of view, many companies choose to choose modular furniture, furniture for reception with a very interesting price that adapts like a glove to all kinds of spatial requirements.

Do you want us to help you choose the best reception furniture for your company? Contact us now and tell us your project, we will be happy to guide you.

Office Reception Table Manufacturer in Vadodara

With a focus on the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we are engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying a wide array of Office Reception Table.

office table design

Office Table: Design or Ergonomics?

Should we buy the most ergonomic office tables on the market even if they completely break with the corporate image of our company? Should office furniture be design and forget about comfort? Today we are going to try to give concrete answers to those questions that can arise when it comes to furnishing a work center or a training room.

Office furniture, design not uncomfortable with ergonomics

The manufacturers of furniture for work centers, offices, communities and training centers have been working for many years to ensure that the design of their products is not incompatible with the functionality and, of course, with the ergonomics of chairs, tables and rest of the furniture that characterizes a modern and productive workspace.

Today we find different styles of office desk design: traditional or modern, with vintage air or futuristic trends, classic or latest generation materials, with colors ranging from the most sober to the brightest, daring and transgressors, etc. All this display of creativity, design in its purest state does not have to be at odds with functionality and ergonomics:

  • The functionality of the design office tables. Do you remember the concept “Thinking Design “? Creating objects tailored to the needs of people should also be the first premise of design office furniture.
  • The ergonomics of design office chairs, tables, armchairs in the waiting area, office stools, etc., is more important than pure and hard design.

Office furniture, ergonomic design by health

The first goal of ergonomics in work spaces is clear: to take care of the physical and mental health of the human team that uses those designer chairs or those tables and desks of last generation that transmit modernity simply with their image.

The office furniture, its design, must ensure that employees can adopt without effort a series of positions that do not affect their health, for example:

  • The height of the table should be, more or less, at the height of our elbows.
  • The head should be able to stay in the horizontal plane (with or without the help of a headrest).
  • The drawers and bins should be close enough to the office table to avoid having to force the posture to use them.

Office furniture, ergonomic design for economy

The ergonomic design of office furniture not only fulfills the important function of guaranteeing the comfort of the manager, of the human team or of the clients who visit our company; the ergonomically designed office furniture also serves to:

  • Improve the productivity of our human team and, thus, the company’s income statement.
  • Avoid sick leave for the famous TME or musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Improve the perception of the talents of our company, strengthen the emotional ties and prevent them from leaving the team and looking for work elsewhere.
  • Favor the creativity of the human team, that creative impulse that marks the difference between a normal company and a modern, productive and successful company.