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How to Choose the Reception Furniture

The reception furniture of a work space must meet two different but complementary objectives: to provide an excellent service to the workers who use them daily and transmit effectively the corporate identity of the company. Is it possible to combine these two ideal characteristics? Today we learn to do it here, in the Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.’s Blog.

Criteria for selection of reception furniture

When choosing the table, the chairs, the screens and the rest of reception furniture, we will have to take into account several factors or criteria of selection : the design, the color, the quality of the materials, the functionality, the ergonomics , the budget and, of course, the workspace, those square meters that we want to get the most out of. We will look in detail at some of these factors or selection criteria.

Modern Reception Table

The design, color and construction materials

In any magazine, catalog or web page of reception furniture manufacturers they will tell you that the office furniture that occupy the reception space of your company are key for your visitors to get a good or bad first impression of your office . These professionals who are dedicated to creating office furniture for the reception of companies of all kinds are right: the more or less classic, modern, traditional or vintage design of the reception table is capable of transmitting your corporate message much more than the more extensive corporate manual that you can write. Design, color and manufacturing materials of a reception counter, bookcases, armchairs and waiting sofas, the operating chair for the reception staff or the mobile partitions that separate the entrance from the operative work space should be able to transmit to your visitors and the members of your human team different details about:

  • The personality of your company.
  • The relaxed, but active and productive work environment of the professionals working in that environment.
  • Respect for the environment and ecology.
  • The activity sector of the company. This last point is debatable, since the latest trends in interior design opt for the originality of reception and operational furniture of companies in such classic sectors as banking or law.

Functionality and ergonomics

Reception Area Furniture

As we have told you in several e-books and articles of our blog , the design and beauty of reception furniture or hard work should not be at odds with the functionality of the furniture and, also, with ergonomics . The current design of office furniture knows how to combine these variables very well and offers us a wide catalog of furniture created by and for people: waiting benches, counter furniture, reception tables, etc., that perfectly fulfill the function for which they have been created and with a visual aspect suited to the corporate design of each office.

Space and budget

Space and budget are two fundamental criteria when choosing the office furniture that best suits the needs of the company. From this point of view, many companies choose to choose modular furniture, furniture for reception with a very interesting price that adapts like a glove to all kinds of spatial requirements.

Do you want us to help you choose the best reception furniture for your company? Contact us now and tell us your project, we will be happy to guide you.

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