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The results in a company are the main measure we have to know how our company is doing and what direction it will take in the future. Given the importance they have in the viability of the organization, everything possible must be done to increase the results that we have foreseen: from economic results, such as obtaining greater benefits, to logistic results on how to produce more.

Once we have marked the objectives we want to achieve to obtain certain results we will try to improve our production processes, better train our employees, and a large number of actions that of course will be effective. But many times we forget that the job is as important as everything else.


Achieving a job in which we are really productive should be a primary objective in institutions. To achieve this productivity the work environment is the key, and with it the furniture and accessories to improve productivity.

One of the fundamental pieces are the work tables, since together with the office chairs, we spend a great part of our workday in them.

Ideally when choosing worktables is to opt for those that are broad and allow you to have at hand everything necessary for the proper performance of your tasks, so that they allow you to optimize time. In addition, the work tables that help improve the results allow you to meet with your colleagues, but keeping each one a clear and differentiated space.

For this reason, we present 3 worktable options that will help you improve the results, since among other things, they are characterized by allowing you to work as a team, but without losing the necessary privacy and autonomy.

Office table Vital Plus

The first of the work tables that we present is the Vital Plus. This work table is considered 100% operational, since it is perfect to maximize the user’s operation. It has a sliding board system that combines the possibility of working as a team and maintaining your work independence in one product, satisfying one of the demands of the current world of work.

NTT office table

The NTT office table is the second option that we propose. The first thing that stands out from this table is its great design that helps create a personal brand at work, something that has made it worthy of two awards the “Award EIMUWellness @ Work” and the “Nomination Grandesign-designEtico”. But not only has the design on this table stood out. Its creation is studied down to the smallest detail, making it perfect for solving problems of space, movement and functionality.

Office table Astig

We reached the end of our recommendations with the Astig office table. This table made of 2mm laminated steel sheet is characterized by great stability thanks to the inverted T-shaped legs. This collection of tables are designed and designed in order to adapt to versatility. This is achieved with simple lines and great fluidity that are able to give us versatile configurations and adapting to all types of offices.

office table design

Office Table: Design or Ergonomics?

Should we buy the most ergonomic office tables on the market even if they completely break with the corporate image of our company? Should office furniture be design and forget about comfort? Today we are going to try to give concrete answers to those questions that can arise when it comes to furnishing a work center or a training room.

Office furniture, design not uncomfortable with ergonomics

The manufacturers of furniture for work centers, offices, communities and training centers have been working for many years to ensure that the design of their products is not incompatible with the functionality and, of course, with the ergonomics of chairs, tables and rest of the furniture that characterizes a modern and productive workspace.

Today we find different styles of office desk design: traditional or modern, with vintage air or futuristic trends, classic or latest generation materials, with colors ranging from the most sober to the brightest, daring and transgressors, etc. All this display of creativity, design in its purest state does not have to be at odds with functionality and ergonomics:

  • The functionality of the design office tables. Do you remember the concept ‚ÄúThinking Design “? Creating objects tailored to the needs of people should also be the first premise of design office furniture.
  • The ergonomics of design office chairs, tables, armchairs in the waiting area, office stools, etc., is more important than pure and hard design.

Office furniture, ergonomic design by health

The first goal of ergonomics in work spaces is clear: to take care of the physical and mental health of the human team that uses those designer chairs or those tables and desks of last generation that transmit modernity simply with their image.

The office furniture, its design, must ensure that employees can adopt without effort a series of positions that do not affect their health, for example:

  • The height of the table should be, more or less, at the height of our elbows.
  • The head should be able to stay in the horizontal plane (with or without the help of a headrest).
  • The drawers and bins should be close enough to the office table to avoid having to force the posture to use them.

Office furniture, ergonomic design for economy

The ergonomic design of office furniture not only fulfills the important function of guaranteeing the comfort of the manager, of the human team or of the clients who visit our company; the ergonomically designed office furniture also serves to:

  • Improve the productivity of our human team and, thus, the company’s income statement.
  • Avoid sick leave for the famous TME or musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Improve the perception of the talents of our company, strengthen the emotional ties and prevent them from leaving the team and looking for work elsewhere.
  • Favor the creativity of the human team, that creative impulse that marks the difference between a normal company and a modern, productive and successful company.