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Healthy office environment

Take Care of Your Health in the Office

Taking care of our health on a day to day basis is as important as exercising regularly. And since we spend many hours in the office, it is worth trying to maintain healthy habits that help us take care of ourselves. This way we will also avoid some of the typical problems caused by office work. And in the end, they end up affecting our health and our work. They are some very simple but effective ideas that if we maintain over time they will bring us many benefits to health.

Administrative work is a type of sedentary work that is characterized by maintaining a static position. It is a type of work that generates repetitive movements and with a job and an assigned chair. The sitting position is not natural. The body is designed to be in motion and spending long times sitting generates discomfort in different parts of the body. This sedentary user has a high risk of repetitive strain injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, headache and concentration problems caused by eye fatigue and dry eyes. So today we tell you some simple tips that will help you feel better and take care of your health, without much effort.

sit well in office

Sit well and support the feet

Sitting correctly in the office is more important than you think. The effects on the health of seated work are the difficulty in the circulation of blood in the legs and the possible appearance of varicose veins. In addition to fatigue in the muscles and pain in the lower back and back. Therefore, in the seated work, you should keep the column as straight as possible and sit near the table with your back against the backrest. Also, make sure you have your knees bent and your feet on the floor. For better posture, it is recommended to use five-wheel chairs with adjustable backrests.

Interior Designs for Office

To promote relaxation of the muscles and rest of the shoulders, you can use a chair with armrests. You can also use a footrest to keep them a little high and thus promote blood circulation. Poor circulation is one of the problems that sitting for a long time cause us. Check your posture from time to time and make sure you are working for your health!

Stand up periodically

It is important that we are not sitting in the same position all day. That’s why whenever possible, get up. Take advantage when you have to pick up some document or folder. Place them in a way that you need to get up to do so and break the routine of sitting for hours. While you get up you can take advantage to lean on the tips for a few moments and then on your heels. This will help your muscles to strengthen and increase blood flow.

Another good idea may be to install a blackboard in a nearby area where you can write down the topics to be solved each day, the new ideas, the achievements … It will be a good excuse to stay up every day and it will also serve as a daily motivation.

walking in office

Walk whenever possible

One of the usual problems in the offices is the long hours we spend sitting in front of our computer. For this reason, it is important to get up periodically and walk a little. Try to get up every hour and walk even if it’s five minutes. For example, you can make your calls from the mobile phone standing and, if possible, by walking. And instead of calling your colleagues over the phone, get up and take advantage to talk face to face.

Another good idea can be to go to work or walk back at least a piece or take the time of the meal and go for 10 minutes to walk. Take time to walk and your body will thank you.

use stairs

Use the stairs instead of the elevator

Both at home and in the office, take the stairs whenever possible. Both lowering them and raising them is a very effective aerobic exercise to work the muscles of the legs. In this way, you will also burn fat from the lower part of the body and spend energy. With climbing stairs regularly you will get your heart rate and lung capacity significantly improved. So instead of running to the elevator, do it to the stairs. Any excuse is good to raise and lower them a few times a day and thus help you stay in shape.

Office Decoration with Plants

But it is also that going up and down stairs will help reduce the likelihood of suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol. When going up and down stairs we do not work the same muscles so you must combine both actions. And at home too, avoid taking the elevator if you are not loaded and thus strengthen your legs and increase your resistance. In a short time, you will notice a great improvement! There are also a lot of exercises that we can do on the stairs that will help you stay in shape, discover them in this article.

Rest of the screen

Your eyes are also very important and need rest periodically. Every 30 minutes, remove your view from the screen and look at other objects such as a window, a clock, a desk or a door. This helps promote eye movement and decrease the chances of eye irritation and headaches. It is also very important to have the screen placed so that our neck stays straight. Review the recommendations on ergonomics to ensure that your job does not harm your health.

Knowing the rules of visual hygiene both at work and at home will help us maintain a healthy view. And to reduce the stress we cause to our eyes with continuous reading and writing. Do not miss this interesting summary to apply in your daily life! Our site is well worth a bit of daily effort, do not you think?

drink water in office

Drink water regularly

Drinking 2 liters of water a day is vital to our health; it will keep the mind awake and help digest food. So put a bottle or bottle of water next to you and you see drinking periodically. This way you will control how much you have drunk during the day. Set yourself the challenge of drinking at least a liter and a half bottle a day. At first, you may not be thirsty, but little by little your body will get used to it and ask for it. The hydration that gives us water has many benefits for the body including our skin that will look much healthier and hydrated.

Do not forget about environmental ergonomics

Excessive noise, poor lighting or excessive heat or cold are also elements to consider. In this article, we tell you all about it. You should review these elements carefully and see if any of them is affecting your health in the office. There are different options to reduce noise or perhaps improving the lighting your vision improves easily. These are small details that we must not overlook since, in the long run, they can cause serious damage to our health.

Surround yourself with natural elements

The eco, the biological and the natural are fashionable because they bring many benefits to our health. Every time we also see more natural elements in office decoration. From vertical gardens to plants that decorate every corner. Green roofs or plants that hang to bring a little freshness to the office. As well as the abundant presence of wood or its imitations in walls and floors. The nature of the office will bring us a state of calm and well-being in which it will be easier to work and achieve our goals. Even if they are just plants, take advantage of your benefits in your office!

exercise in office

Exercise in the office

Do you think it is not possible? Well, you can take advantage of different moments and some tricks to do some exercise in the office and thus improve your health and give your body the exercise you need. You will soon notice its effects and it is much simpler than it seems. It is not about running in the office, although there are some that already have clues in them, to do some simple exercises. For example, some stretches from time to time. That way you’ll feel better and your body will thank you.

Because taking care of our health on a day to day basis is very important. With these simple guidelines on an ongoing basis, you will get an improvement of your health and avoid some of the typical problems caused by office work. With a little effort a day we can improve our physical condition and that will also affect our mental state. It will help us to feel better and more focused on our tasks. We hope this article is helpful and if you have other ideas that can help us take care of ourselves in the office; we are looking forward to meeting you. Thanks for reading.

Charming Offices

The 5 Charming Offices that will inspire you the Most

Today we show you 5 styles of charming offices that will surely make you fall in love and inspire you when designing your office, at home or at work, very useful if you are looking for ideas for decorating the first office. That of the sober offices and boring is already out of fashion. Now they take the offices with charm in which to feel at home while we work, do you sign up?

Charming offices

The decoration of offices seems that it always has to be the same, sober, with hardly any color, with few adornments, that nothing distracts us from work … but it does not have to always be that way. Today we show you 5 charming office styles that will surely make you fall in love and inspire you to design modern offices, at home or at work. Because working in an environment where you feel comfortable and comfortable helps to achieve greater concentration and that the results speak for themselves, it is proven!

The technological giants such as Google, Facebook or Microsoft opt for more human and fun offices where we can have fun besides working and last week we talked about original offices where you can take the dog or go for a slide. And is that the concept of offices is changing and evolving towards more human and pleasant environments where everything is not just worked. That of the boring offices is already out of fashion, now it’s time to get a charming office in which to feel at home, do you sign up?

Reception Area Furniture

  1. The cozy office

In winter, you want a sofa and blanket at all hours, but since the world does not stop when we want, it is best to move that feeling of home and comfort to the office. How? Well, there are always details that can help you give a more welcoming appearance to an office. In this case, textiles can be the key. It is also a good way to give a fresh look to your office without great expense. And the result is worth it!

A carpet on the floor always creates a more homelike atmosphere and also protects you from the cold of the ground. Another option that the Nordics have put in fashion is to dress the chairs with warm blankets of hair. A detail that you can put in your office to give it a more winter atmosphere and turn it into a charming office. And that will also allow you not to have to take so many warm clothes to the office. And if not, you can always use this resource in your home office, so that work does not get too hard for you.

Another way to make your office cozier is the cushions with varied patterns and full of color that will help you to make it more pleasant and mullite, Especially if your chair is not too comfortable or if you have a bench area. In addition, the cushions can be renewed each season and thus give a new look to your office so that it is not monotonous.

  1. The vitalist office

Who said that an office has to be boring and hardly color? If you are a vitalist, surely the color attracts you. Well, it’s time to use it also in your office and get a dynamic and energetic atmosphere that will surely cheer you on the gray winter mornings. A good option is to opt for wallpaper and combine it with a wall with color as in this case, mint green a perfect color for the office. Or for papers with a lot of personalities that become the center of your workspace.

And if you do not dare with the paper or you find it “too much” chooses to color your chair or some of the elements that surround your work area such as lamps, drawers, desk accessories … the result you will surely love. And you can periodically renew it easier than repainting or wallpapering. You can choose pastel colors, as in the second photo, or bright colors; everything depends on your taste. But the result will be cheerful and dynamic, perfect for a dose of morning vitality. Do not think about it!

  1. The natural office

You can also get charming offices giving them a natural touch. Natural plants are always a plus for an office. We already talked about vertical gardens as one of the trends in offices but if your company does not put its grain of sand on the planet … does not mean that you do not put it in your office. You only need some natural plants and the change will be immediate. But remember that better indoor plants or that do not need much light if you do not have a very bright office.

Even if it’s just some margaritas stuck on the wall … the change will be noticed in the environment. If you also combine it with wood tones on the table and some touches of green in the accessories such as chairs, you will get a very natural and relaxed atmosphere in which to work much more at ease. Or use lots of natural fibers such as raffia or wicker in natural tones for a very bucolic look and full of charm.

  1. The retro office

The retro style is fashionable and is ideal for offices with charm. So visit antique shops and markets to find pieces for your office. You will get an office with a unique touch that will make everyone fall in love and you will feel very comfortable in your work. Or recycle some old table that was cornered in the storage room. You will not regret!

Also, the old wooden and iron school chairs can find their place again. The final touch can be provided with some retro style paper. This style is fashionable so it will be easy to find papers with geometric patterns or with an aftertaste to past decades that will bring charm to your office. As if we were traveling in time, we will feel transported to the past by recalling elements of our childhood.

In the complements of the offices with charm also opt for elements with a retro aftertaste as old table lamps, the flexor type is perfect, or an old mirror also rescued from aloft. Old objects like old typewriters, metal boxes or books … everything can regain prominence. The taste for the past is fashionable and can be the key to a very special office!

How to Choose an Office Table

  1. The aware office

Recycling is not just a fad but it is becoming a way of seeing the world that reaches all levels of our lives, including the office. We already talked about the OSB panels, a perfect element for the design of offices that we are seeing more and more every day in all kinds of spaces. From receptions to office tables everything can come from recycling. The human imagination knows no limits … you will be surprised at what is possible to do!

So do not miss the opportunity to introduce it also in your office to make it one of the best offices with charm in the world. From a wall of pallets that will bring a lot of charm to a table of planks or recycle old chairs. Everything can have a second use; you just need to stop for a moment and get down to work. The result is worth it! And on the internet, you will find lots of tutorials on how to carry out recycling projects that can completely transform your workspace.

But not only recycled wood you can dress your office. The metal is fashionable both in furniture and accessories so look for old metal lockers or filing cabinets and recycles them in your office; they will be a central element in your recycled decoration. And in addition they will be so beautiful, so do not let them escape. I love the result!

Another option to recycle, are wooden boxes that can have many uses, for example as shelves for your office. A way to recycle with a result that will not leave anyone indifferent. A conscious office that talks about you … and that will make everyone fall in love. The result cannot be more beautiful, do not you think? Well, it’s much simpler than it seems.

Importance of Colour in Office

How Does the Color of the Office Influence your Work?

In the previous article we talked about the importance of color in the office. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that color reflects the corporate spirit of an entity. From the design of the branding to the space itself, the color must reflect our identity and philosophy.

When we are in the process of generating our corporate identity and we do not know what color to choose, we must ask ourselves: what do colors convey to us?

Each color produces a different sensation and each person has their own tastes, but in a generalized way when we enter a space in which the red color predominates, it produces stress and the blue sensation of cold. Different studies suggest that warm colors are stimulating and cheerful and cool colors are tranquilizers.

Warm colors


Yellow is related to sun and light, transmits energy and stimulates creativity and imagination. In spaces with little natural light brings a feeling of light. We recommend the use of this color in meeting rooms where we seek interaction and collaboration among workers.


Orange is similar to red but with less intensity. This color promotes a warm atmosphere and brings well-being. However, we advise against excessive use as it may overload the environment. This color is ideal for welcoming rooms or informal spaces such as coffee.


Red impacts, stimulates, excites … but its excessive use is aggressive and stressful. Used reasonably, it can stimulate people.

Cold colors


Blue is synonymous with coldness, used in its proper measure brings peace and serenity to space. It has a relaxing effect on people.

This color is ideal for work spaces with a lot of stress, such as in call reception centers, customer service, etc.


The green reminds us of nature, freshness, peace and tranquility. This color favors the concentration in individual workspaces or training rooms.


Brown reminds us of earth, leather or wood. This color has relaxing effects and is ideal in informal environments.

Finally, we talk about the most used color, the king of color, the color White. The color white transmits purity, joy, tranquility. This color stimulates workers without causing stress, clarifies the environment and brings a feeling of greater volume. However, excessively used visually can cause fatigue.

Analyzed the colors, where is the balance? The combination of the color White with warm and cold colors can provide you with the corporate image you are looking for.

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