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Importance of Colour in Office

How Does the Color of the Office Influence your Work?

In the previous article we talked about the importance of color in the office. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that color reflects the corporate spirit of an entity. From the design of the branding to the space itself, the color must reflect our identity and philosophy.

When we are in the process of generating our corporate identity and we do not know what color to choose, we must ask ourselves: what do colors convey to us?

Each color produces a different sensation and each person has their own tastes, but in a generalized way when we enter a space in which the red color predominates, it produces stress and the blue sensation of cold. Different studies suggest that warm colors are stimulating and cheerful and cool colors are tranquilizers.

Warm colors


Yellow is related to sun and light, transmits energy and stimulates creativity and imagination. In spaces with little natural light brings a feeling of light. We recommend the use of this color in meeting rooms where we seek interaction and collaboration among workers.


Orange is similar to red but with less intensity. This color promotes a warm atmosphere and brings well-being. However, we advise against excessive use as it may overload the environment. This color is ideal for welcoming rooms or informal spaces such as coffee.


Red impacts, stimulates, excites … but its excessive use is aggressive and stressful. Used reasonably, it can stimulate people.

Cold colors


Blue is synonymous with coldness, used in its proper measure brings peace and serenity to space. It has a relaxing effect on people.

This color is ideal for work spaces with a lot of stress, such as in call reception centers, customer service, etc.


The green reminds us of nature, freshness, peace and tranquility. This color favors the concentration in individual workspaces or training rooms.


Brown reminds us of earth, leather or wood. This color has relaxing effects and is ideal in informal environments.

Finally, we talk about the most used color, the king of color, the color White. The color white transmits purity, joy, tranquility. This color stimulates workers without causing stress, clarifies the environment and brings a feeling of greater volume. However, excessively used visually can cause fatigue.

Analyzed the colors, where is the balance? The combination of the color White with warm and cold colors can provide you with the corporate image you are looking for.

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