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The pillars of commercial interior design

The pillars of commercial interior design | Keys to commercial interior design

Interior design is considered a differentiation weapon among all your competitors. Nowadays, this aspect is becoming increasingly important compared to other more traditional ones. If competing on price is difficult in your sector, do something that surprises your customers that makes them feel good, focus on the interior design of your premises.

Keys to commercial interior design

Surely you know that interior design must follow the same visual image that the brand or corporation wants to convey. Therefore, to start with the image of your store, you will need to have a clear brand image. We take this last point for granted and delve into the fundamental aspects of commercial interior design.

What does my brand want to communicate?

In order for everything to flow and fit together seamlessly, our office must convey the same thing our brand is screaming out loud: “Who we are and how we are.” The business information must be studied by the team of comprehensive reforms that will deal with the interior design of your new office, in order to adequately transmit the main values. In this sense, it would be important to look at:

  • The message: or what are the same values, you have to shape and materialize them on your decoration.
  • Message support: the channel through which the values ​​will be transmitted. For example in an insurance office, the color of the walls, lighting and office furniture will be in charge.
  • Receiver: in this case our clients, the user experience in your office or commercial business must be so pleasant that they want to repeat it in the future.

Do not forget the communicative messages, these come guided through that extra furniture, which will help you close a perfect experience for your client. In this sense, waiting areas, bright signs or positive messages in pictures are the ideal to make your brand empathize with what your client is looking for.

Seek consistency

Coherence is the basis for aspects such as corporate or marketing to make sense. In interior design it is the same, it is important that all the elements that are part of that design fulfill a function and are coherent among them.

Your client will experience sensations during his visit to your store, on those sensations it will depend in many cases whether the sale occurs or not. For this reason, the friendly and positive perception that our premises must transmit will correspond to the coherence of its elements.

Harmony and proportion

Any commercial interior designer knows that behind a good coherence of the elements the importance of balance is hidden. In other words, one aspect without another would not work. For this, different structures are carried out for different businesses.

For example, in a clothing store, which is often over-traveled, the speed of movements will be sought and therefore the shelves organized and located in the areas with the least traffic will be found and the star products will be highlighted in those stands with the greatest influx. However, the interior design of a hotel will seek that feeling of “comfort” and tranquility that invites you to rest and unwind through the use of neutral colors and natural furniture.

Analyzing and putting into practice the keys to interior design, we will obtain comfortable spaces in keeping with our brand and what our clients expect from it. Now we will see other capabilities that will have to be taken into account to make this space unique and exclusive, making it different from that of our competitors.

We already know that exclusivity is very important in this time of continuous transformation and therefore putting our capabilities to work will be decisive for our interior decoration to succeed:

  • Who has not heard of the importance of creativity in interior design? He is a recurrent and all the interior designers and professionals in the sector know this. Although two businesses in the same sector must keep the same tune that makes them identifiable by the user, this is not incompatible with making each one stand out for itself. In this sense, we must manage to transmit our values ​​in a different way or through original elements. In this part you will have a lot to contribute because nobody knows your business better than you.
  • We were talking about coherence, because connectivity could be said to be created from it. This is the ability to find similarities between concepts, transferred to interior design; connectivity will ensure that all the elements that coexist in the same decoration are related to each other, without causing problems.
  • This refers to the ability to break norms and overcome barriers, fears or limitations. There is nothing better to be exclusive than breaking with the established. Get out of the comfort zone and take a risk on the decoration, your clients will reward you.
  • The ability to change the way of seeing things, perspective or point of view which in turn is one that combines all the keys and concepts that we have seen so far.

Office interior design concepts



The colors of our workplace are important to generate a good environment and create a sense of comfort, in addition to promoting productivity. Today we talk about the colors for the office, which ones to choose and why they are the most recommended.

Our senses are stimulated by the aesthetics of the space where we are. Choosing furniture for an office is a very important task, but choosing the colors of the walls of our workplace is also something that we cannot leave to chance.

The colors for the office and how they generate a beneficial environment

The mood directly affects productivity at work. The more animated and happy we are, the more productive we are in carrying out activities. That is why choosing the right colors for the office will produce stimuli that can change our moods.


What to keep in mind to choose colors for the office?

We must take into account how big is the space we are going to paint. If it is a small or large office. In the case of being a small place we will have to choose colors that give the feeling of spaciousness.

The type of activity that takes place in our workspace is important to choose colors for the office. We will not paint the walls of the same color if it is an insurance company or a videogame developer.

We can also pay attention to the type of work that will be done in the office, if team work is common or employees develop activities individually.

What colors for the office are the most recommended?


This is the color par excellence for any work space or home. It never goes out of style and brings luminosity. White is the sure bet when in doubt, and it is one of the colors for the perfect office if it is a small space.


This color is trend, brings elegance and modernity. It is perfect for an office with new technologies or for meeting places.

blue office


Throughout its range, blue helps create relaxed environments and provides agility and stability. It is perfect for painting entire walls and combining it with white. It is the ideal color for waiting rooms or for places where work can generate stress. It is one of the most used office colors.



This is a color highly recommended for offices because it provides stability and harmony. Remember nature, so you can generate relaxed environments in offices located in the heart of the city.

Green is also a very elegant color, ideal for offices where creative works are developed, such as advertising agencies.



It is a warm color that is also a trend, especially mustard. It is perfect for places with large windows, where light is reflected on the walls. It generates a warm and welcoming atmosphere and is perfect for places where you work as a team.



It may not be the perfect color to paint all the walls, but dark red is ideal for corners of the office. It provides objectivity and facilitates decisions.

At last choose the color wisely that also go with your office interior and the furniture.



Organizing a small office is essential to make the most of your space, maintain balance and order and create a good work environment that promotes productivity. We must prioritize the organization of the material with which we work, especially when it comes to documents. Keep in mind that we will need specific storage furniture and this will also occupy part of the space we have.

Today we tell you how to organize a small office

5 tips to organize a small office


In the case of organizing the space inside a small office we must bear in mind that the more furniture we use, the less free space we will be leaving. A room intended for work needs to breathe, and we must be smart when selecting office furniture to organize a small office.

We are going to need tables and office chairs and also furniture for storage. To make the most of the space we can resort to shelves attached to the walls, especially placed in the highest part. Reduce the decorative elements to the minimalist to recharge the stay is important, but it is not necessary to eliminate them completely.



On many occasions, in the office we will need to create different environments to develop diverse activities, either with clients or for general meetings. For this the best thing is to use dividing panels that occupy the minimum space and that we can remove them at any time. Japanese panels can be perfect for this function, they bring elegance and functionality.

We can also use screens, curtains, sliding doors or any other element that we can easily remove to recover the space again.


When it comes to organizing a small office, we cannot forget the section on workers’ clothing. It is important to have a place to store coats and bags or backpacks. Placing a zone with a coat rack and a shelf at the entrance of the office will help to make the workspace more orderly. In this way, office workers can leave their warm clothes and their bags or backpacks at the entrance without interfering in the back of the chair.



In an office many electronic devices are used, starting with computers, printers, photocopiers, projectors and others, depending on the activity performed in the office. For this the best thing is to have the professionalism of an electrician who arranges the wiring in a way that does not hinder when moving from one side to another. Not having the cables in view, above the tables or from one side of the floor to the other will avoid the sensation of disorder.


If we have to place several tables for the workers in the office, it is best to arrange them at the same address. The straight lines bring order and tranquility to the decoration of a room.

We must ensure that all tables are oriented in the same direction to achieve a relaxed atmosphere.

Keep the tables collected and with a minimalist decoration is also essential to organize a small office and get a sense of spaciousness.


The choice of what will be your reclining chair in the office is very important. Whenever it is in your hands, you have to think that you will be sitting there for many hours, and that that chair has to help you work in a comfortable and relaxed way but without excess, since it can distract you.

Faced with this mixture of work and comfort demands, the best thing you can do is opt for a reclining chair.


A reclining chair means that office chair that allows you to rest on it partially or completely, so that you are more or less lying down. There are more and more reclining chairs that go further in terms of relaxation and comfort, which is very common to find reclining chairs with lumbar support and adjustable headrest, so that the body adapts to perfection.

Thanks to this reclining feature you can work without losing efficiency and at the same time rest without losing comfort. To move from one state to another you just have to pull back or press a lever so that the backrest moves. This will depend on the manufacturer of the reclining chair.

Each time the implementation in companies of this type of chairs is greater, and all due to the current to improve the working environment of the worker.

There are many advantages to having a reclining chair at work, among which the following stand out:

  • Your body is not the same as your co-worker or a client who can visit you. In front of this a reclining chair can be very helpful as it can be better adapted to all types of bodies than the more rigid chairs.
  • They are considered one of the most adjustable office chairs.
  • They are perfect for resting and letting your muscles take a break during a hard day’s work.
  • Mix comfort and ergonomics in equal parts with what makes it the perfect companion to spend hours and hours in the office.
  • Its design is designed to provide an extra comfort that the rest of chairs do not provide, making them the perfect companion in very hard jobs.

The best alternatives in reclining chairs

In the safe market you can find many offers that adapt to what is considered a reclining chair, however do not miss these suggestions:


This chair is designed for the most demanding managers. This reclining chair in concrete allows you to tilt your backrest to a 45 degree angle; more than enough to stretch legs and recharge the batteries for the workday. But not only that, since in this resting position you can work thanks to the “work assistant”, which is also adjustable. This fulfills the premise that work and rest are not at odds.


Designed for demanding workers, the Swing up Chair is the embodiment of comfort at work. It is specially designed to provide physical and mental well-being during your working day. It is possible to be affirmed that this reclining chair watches over your corporal security, since it has several options to regulate it totally to your pleasure.

Office Desk Accessories

The Accessories For Essential Office Desk

If you are thinking about organizing your office desk, today we give you some tips to have all the essential accessories always at hand. A good organization of our desk will allow us to find everything quickly and not waste time in continually looking for the same things. For this, first of all, a good organization of our table and office is essential. It is not as complicated as it seems!

We recommend that you do not miss the article where we explained how to organize to get the most out of your desktop space. The order is essential in the office, it helps us both mentally and when it comes to avoiding the waste of time looking for the material. To do this, you must always place things in the same place so that it is very easy to find them, without having to think about it or waste time. Once we have overcome that first phase, we will focus on what are the accessories for office desk essential. Without which you can not live?

Desktop organizers

Good organization in the office will help us to work better and more efficiently. Start by having clear which is the material that you will need most assiduously. The material we use every day must be near us, to be able to be without getting up or moving. To have everything always at hand there are the desktop organizers. In this, we can have the most commonly used items such as pens, clips, stapler … always at hand. There are many times, some take advantage of the space under the PC screen or on the keyboard. They are great to gain space!

Pencil holders

It is important that each thing has its place and each time you use it to place it in the same place, that way you will always find it quickly and without having to think about it. Have the necessary material and a little more but in moderation. We can also use glasses or organizers for pencils and pens can be very useful and at the same time give colour and fun to our table.

Trays or drawers for papers

We are also going to need to have a paper at hand. Find the best way to organize the folios and papers, if they might not be in view, better. It is always an element that tends to become disorganized. A file drawer that allows you to have the pending papers sorted would be the best, if not some folder system. The time you use to organize it will then be the time that you will save when looking for it. The folios in white or for recycling must also have a specific space.

Chest of drawers

The drawers are another of the essential furniture in the office  when it comes to organizing desk accessories. We all have material that we use and that we do not want to be always in view. For an aesthetic reason, too many things on the table can be a nuisance or because they may be elements that we do not want to have in front of everyone. That’s why the drawers are so useful. In addition, they usually have drawers of different sizes depending on the type of material we want to keep. They even have filing drawers that can also be very practical. Get the most out of your chest of drawers and you will not regret it!

A calendar always in sight

Those of us who work in the office know how necessary it is to always have a calendar in view to be able to consult it continuously. There are many types and although nowadays we can also consult it on the computer or on the mobile it is always good to have one nearby. It can be desktop or it can be wall or even it can be a wall calendar that allows you to record appointments and data. Everything depends on your taste, but do not forget to always keep it close. It will save you many times!

Board or mood board

Using the walls is another good option to organize accessories for office desk and gain space if you need to have more items. In this way, we can see the elements we need without having to occupy more space on the table. We can use the classic cork boards although nowadays we can find them with much more modern designs or even a whole wall. In addition to being useful, they help us to decorate!

But we can also move on to the current concept of the mood board and use aluminium or iron bases to hang everything that inspires us or we need to have it in view. We can add all kinds of accessories such as glasses for office supplies, small shelves for notebooks and notepads and they can also be the perfect place to place those memories that we want to have close by. Perforated panels are fashionable and in addition to decorative can be very practical when it comes to gain extra space without filling our office desk accessory table. Sign up to use them!

Paper bin

Another of the elements that cannot miss and that despite not being the most aesthetic element, is undoubtedly an element that we will use a lot throughout the working time. Although thanks to computers and correctors every day we throw less paper, in the end, there are always papers that we will not need and that we should throw. So the paper basket is still an integral part of the landscape of any office. Do not forget yours!

File area

Finally, we can not miss an area of filing cabinets in which we can store documents or papers that we do not need to consult every day. In this way, we will have everything neat and handy, but without bothering us or occupying unnecessary space. There is nothing better than having a shelf adjacent to the work table or a small closet where they can be stored. If you put them right up they will be decorative and they will help you a lot when you look at a long time document.


Corporate Office Furniture Vadodara

Corporate Office Furniture Suppliers Vadodara

We are instrumental in offering Corporate Office Furniture to our clients. The furniture is ergonomically designed and fabricated using superior quality material with excellent finish in a spectrum of colors and styles.

Corporate Office Furniture Vadodara

Modular Corporate Furniture

For the purpose of providing the finest Modular Corporate Furniture to our clients, we engage in using the finest raw materials and modern machines in the manufacturing process. Owing to this, the offered range provides superior durability and commendable sturdiness. Owing to our skilled professionals, the product has a fine finish and a highly luxurious design.


  • Sturdy built
  • Highly durable
  • Luxuriously designed

Corporate Office Designers Vadodara

Executive Office Furniture

Made available to the clients at a market leading rate, the offered Executive Office Furniture has a high preference in the market. Manufacturing of this range is done as per the set industry norms and guidelines, utilizing the finest raw materials and modern machines. Owing to this, the offered range of products is quite sturdy and durable.


  • Commendable sturdiness
  • Designed in an attractive manner
  • High durability