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The pillars of commercial interior design

The pillars of commercial interior design | Keys to commercial interior design

Interior design is considered a differentiation weapon among all your competitors. Nowadays, this aspect is becoming increasingly important compared to other more traditional ones. If competing on price is difficult in your sector, do something that surprises your customers that makes them feel good, focus on the interior design of your premises.

Keys to commercial interior design

Surely you know that interior design must follow the same visual image that the brand or corporation wants to convey. Therefore, to start with the image of your store, you will need to have a clear brand image. We take this last point for granted and delve into the fundamental aspects of commercial interior design.

What does my brand want to communicate?

In order for everything to flow and fit together seamlessly, our office must convey the same thing our brand is screaming out loud: “Who we are and how we are.” The business information must be studied by the team of comprehensive reforms that will deal with the interior design of your new office, in order to adequately transmit the main values. In this sense, it would be important to look at:

  • The message: or what are the same values, you have to shape and materialize them on your decoration.
  • Message support: the channel through which the values ​​will be transmitted. For example in an insurance office, the color of the walls, lighting and office furniture will be in charge.
  • Receiver: in this case our clients, the user experience in your office or commercial business must be so pleasant that they want to repeat it in the future.

Do not forget the communicative messages, these come guided through that extra furniture, which will help you close a perfect experience for your client. In this sense, waiting areas, bright signs or positive messages in pictures are the ideal to make your brand empathize with what your client is looking for.

Seek consistency

Coherence is the basis for aspects such as corporate or marketing to make sense. In interior design it is the same, it is important that all the elements that are part of that design fulfill a function and are coherent among them.

Your client will experience sensations during his visit to your store, on those sensations it will depend in many cases whether the sale occurs or not. For this reason, the friendly and positive perception that our premises must transmit will correspond to the coherence of its elements.

Harmony and proportion

Any commercial interior designer knows that behind a good coherence of the elements the importance of balance is hidden. In other words, one aspect without another would not work. For this, different structures are carried out for different businesses.

For example, in a clothing store, which is often over-traveled, the speed of movements will be sought and therefore the shelves organized and located in the areas with the least traffic will be found and the star products will be highlighted in those stands with the greatest influx. However, the interior design of a hotel will seek that feeling of “comfort” and tranquility that invites you to rest and unwind through the use of neutral colors and natural furniture.

Analyzing and putting into practice the keys to interior design, we will obtain comfortable spaces in keeping with our brand and what our clients expect from it. Now we will see other capabilities that will have to be taken into account to make this space unique and exclusive, making it different from that of our competitors.

We already know that exclusivity is very important in this time of continuous transformation and therefore putting our capabilities to work will be decisive for our interior decoration to succeed:

  • Who has not heard of the importance of creativity in interior design? He is a recurrent and all the interior designers and professionals in the sector know this. Although two businesses in the same sector must keep the same tune that makes them identifiable by the user, this is not incompatible with making each one stand out for itself. In this sense, we must manage to transmit our values ​​in a different way or through original elements. In this part you will have a lot to contribute because nobody knows your business better than you.
  • We were talking about coherence, because connectivity could be said to be created from it. This is the ability to find similarities between concepts, transferred to interior design; connectivity will ensure that all the elements that coexist in the same decoration are related to each other, without causing problems.
  • This refers to the ability to break norms and overcome barriers, fears or limitations. There is nothing better to be exclusive than breaking with the established. Get out of the comfort zone and take a risk on the decoration, your clients will reward you.
  • The ability to change the way of seeing things, perspective or point of view which in turn is one that combines all the keys and concepts that we have seen so far.

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