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In the last decade there are many things that have changed in the design and decoration of modern offices, but there is a variable that has hardly changed over time: the intelligent use of color to fill the interior of modern offices with life. Knowing the meaning of the color range will allow us to professionally combine the colors of the wall with those of the furniture and accessories to create a striking, original, strong and meaningful modern or classic office decoration. Today in our blog we talk about color inside modern, productive offices full of vital energy.

Some ideas for using color in modern office design

As you know, color is not just another decorative element; it is a useful motivational tool since it directly influences aspects as important for labor productivity as concentration and personal relationships. But, in addition, color is also an effective communication tool, a design element that can and should convey our corporate identity as much or more than the style of the tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers and lockers with which we furnish our offices and offices.

In a nutshell: color influences our behavior, that of the human team and that of the clients that visit us and, in addition, sends messages that reinforce the corporate identity of our organization. Some examples:

Blue. Serene Color that conveys confidence and knowing how to be. It is an interesting tone for meeting rooms and management offices.

Green. Color that evokes the freshness of nature. Excellent to incorporate into the decoration of modern creative offices and collaborative work spaces or active rest rooms.

White. Elegance, professionalism and neutrality would be three of the many emotional messages sent by the classic white color. It is an excellent tone to decorate, for example, the waiting area, since it will give a feeling of spaciousness to the space and will allow us to better highlight the tones of the reception table, sofas and waiting chairs or the decorative screens that separate that space of the offices or the diaphanous work space.

New office changing color

Boredom, boredom and routine are three of the great enemies of labor productivity, problems that affect the performance of our team and that we can also control with the design and decoration of work spaces, in this case with color

It is easy to create offices with design using color; we simply have to change the hue of the main walls of the collaborative work room, the meeting room or the staff dining room once a year. The change of color in the interior of the modern offices is something habitual for two reasons: it is a solution of economic interior design and it is very effective to easily improve the environment that is breathed in the workspace.

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