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Choose Round Or Rectangular Office Tables When Is It Better?

Whether you have a furnished and functional office or you want to set up a new office or new spaces for the office, you must take into account what each piece of furniture is for. As for the tables, there are tables of many colours, sizes and shapes. But the most used and popular tables are round or rectangular. Each of these tables serves different purposes and it is convenient to know what they were designed for. In this article, we want to show the uses of the round and rectangular tables so that later you can choose office tables that best suit your work needs. We start!

The keys to choosing round or rectangular office tables

  1. The office space

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing round or rectangular office tables is the space you have. Roundtables usually take up less space. Of course, you should have some breadth around the table to be functional and comfortable to use, because due to its shape is more difficult to fit in corners. They are also often used in small spaces. The rectangular tables, on the other hand, are usually used in rooms with a rectangular or square design. Its use is more common in large rooms because in this type of tables tend to fit more people and more orderly.

Round Office Table

  1. The use that the tables will have

What they will serve is the most relevant factor when choosing round or rectangular office tables. More and more, the roundtables are gaining prominence in the common rooms. The main reason is that its round shape promotes communication. All the people seated are at the same level and at the same distance as it encourages communication and the exchange of ideas. Large companies increasingly use round tables in rest areas. Thus, employees can make their creativity flow more easily, as well as be occupying less space. If your goal is to encourage the exchange of ideas, roundtables should be your choice.

Rectangular Office Table

Rectangular tables have a more common use for more hierarchical and formal meetings. They are used in the design of jobs to make it clear who each person is at the table. It is also the most used table to create spaces where there are several people in a single table but each one performs a different task. The main reason is that it is much easier to install dividers on rectangular tables. In this way, space is maximized and each person has their individual space to develop their work activity. In the case that you want to use shared office tables bench, use rectangular desks is also the most recommended option for the ease with which they take advantage of the space.

  1. A comfortable design

The comfort one feels with each table is personal and is a matter of preference. Also, the most important thing when sitting in front of a table is the arrangement of the legs of the table. It is always advisable to try the table before buying it to see if the legs do not obstruct your legs and become an uncomfortable obstacle. It is also important that your arms feel comfortable. Regardless of the shape of the table, you must ensure that space is clear. In this way, your arms can be supported without problems.

  1. The aesthetics

This point should also take into account the preferences of each one. Choosing a round or rectangular office table is more a matter of function than aesthetics, but we must not ignore the visual role that the new table will have. It is recommended that the table chosen should have aesthetic coherence with the rest of the space where it will be placed. If you have a small space of minimalist style, it is better than the table follows the same aesthetic pattern. Now, if the room is very large and the neutral colours are the dominant ones, you can choose tables of bright colours to create contrast. This way you avoid that space is monotonous. As mentioned, this aspect is very personal and is a matter of each one.