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Today the Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. team comes to talk to you about office chairs from Akaba, the furniture manufacturer located very close to San Sebastián.

The Akaba office chairs (and the rest of their furniture) are characterized by their design and their finished care. We are going to offer you a very visual list in which you will be able to know the most remarkable and surprising seating of Akaba and all its characteristics.

Akaba office chairs for meetings and collectives


It is an economic but design furniture, made by Jorge Pensi Design Studio. This chair is very versatile. You can use it in meeting or training rooms, but also in clinics or hotels. You can cover all or part of the chair and include or not armrests, plus there is a wide range of finishes for the chair, which is plastic (blue, yellow …), but also for the upholstery, in case you want to include


Or also the Mickey chair. Whether you want to surprise the customer or add a friendly and casual touch to the office. The chair is characterized by having a backrest that has 2 ears and a structure of legs topped with boots of the same character; all of it covered with leather.


Gorka Wood

If you are looking for a modern but at the same time discreet product, the Gorka wooden chair is the right one. It is a typical model and we will easily find it in many offices, but we still love it! It is stackable and made of wood (beech, oak, stratified, walnut or maple), but you can also choose an upholstery among the wide range of finishes available. There are 3 versions available: a simpler one without armrests, another that includes armrests and a third, more spacious.

Chairs and waiting chairs


The Hanna armchair is a whole world. We can find with multiple models but, mainly they could be divided into 4, which are characterized by their structure: 4 legs of wood, skate, steel pyramidal and rotating or simply pyramidal but not rotating.


Ideal for offices that want to create a more homelike atmosphere and warmer Nordic inspired environments. It is a design armchair, very discreet and peaceful, but also respected and characterized by having the same wooden structure that at the same time serves as an armrest but also as a closed frame leg. The wide range of upholstery for the backrest and seat allows it to be combined at will.


This chair, which is stackable and may or may not have arms, can be used in more industrial environments, since the seat and backrest are made of polypropylene, although it also fits in Nordic style spaces if it is upholstered or chosen from wood.



Small but bully. So is this ergonomic office chair that stands out, in addition to its mechanisms, for its original support, as you see in the photograph. It is a compact chair that can be upholstered or not. It has regulation in height, depth, lumbar (optional) and synchro mechanism. It can be used in operational positions.


The office chair Muga seems to have more authority than Arin, and is that its support is higher and that detail makes it enjoy greater prominence. The characteristic of this chair is that it can also be used in meeting rooms or council , since having the possibility of having 3 different heights for the backrest and with the option of including or not arms, makes it a piece of furniture that , if you like its design, it suits every room , from management offices to boardrooms.


This is a very versatile chair that can be used in different rooms: from intensive work spaces, such as a zone of operative positions, to others of lesser size, such as a meeting room. It stands out for its support, which may have a more dynamic and circular, or totally rectangular. It can be upholstered and may or may not have arms.



Every day more new companies decide to move to one of the modular offices that fill large business buildings. The advantages of modular offices are many, but there are also disadvantages that you must know to make the best economic and strategic decision. Today in our blog we talk about modular offices from two complementary points of view: their advantages and disadvantages.

Main advantages of modular offices


One of the most notable characteristics of modular offices is their extraordinary flexibility and adaptation to the space needs of each company. The available interior space is as wide as it is versatile since in a short time you can move the boundaries of the halls, corridors, etc., and modify the dimensions to create active rest areas, expand the meeting room or enable and furnish a room for talents to receive a day of in-company training.

Adaptation to the real needs of the company

The second most notable advantage of modular offices has much to do with the previous one: the flexibility of spaces allows companies to rent only the workspace they need, no more and no less. In this way, the modular offices adapt not only to the space needs of the companies, but also to the productive needs of each of their projects in terms of human resources, furniture, equipment, etc.


Possibility of enjoying common spaces

Company canteens , nurseries, active rest rooms … Modular buildings offer their tenants different spaces and common furniture that each company can use to reinforce the motivation of its human team and strengthen those bonds of commitment that are so important in a modern and productive company.

Main disadvantages of modular offices

As we have seen, using the space offered by modular buildings has many advantages both from the point of view of the economic savings of the company, as well as the motivation and productivity of the human team. But logically, before moving to a modular office, we have to know and assess its main disadvantages, for example:

Acoustic pollution

Although the interior of modular buildings is usually divided by panels of two or three inches thick, there is a risk that sounds will be filtered from one office to another. In any case, this disadvantage of some modular offices can be solved in many different ways, such as, for example, installing sound- absorbing cabinets that separate spaces and minimize acoustic contamination that disturbs the concentration of the human team.

Possible problems with furniture

As mentioned in the section on the advantages of modular offices, companies can have more or less space depending on the needs of each project. But when changing the space, we will also have to change the arrangement of the furniture, assemble it, and dismantle it …, a manipulation that, as you know, cannot stand the furniture of lower quality.

On the other hand, by changing the arrangement of our furniture so that it adapts to the new space available in the office, we will have to face the problem that a piece of furniture that was previously well fitted in its space is now too big or too small.

The solution to the two problems – the need for quality furniture and the adaptation of the furniture to the available space – is solved at a stroke. Do you know how? Choosing modular furniture, a durable, versatile, and high quality solution that will fit both your modular offices and the budget you have to furnish them.


The director’s chair is one of the most important elements when deciding the furniture that your office project will take. Actually, deciding on one or another type of management chair will depend on the design you choose in a general way for your office decoration project.

In fact, although there are almost as many models as options proposed by the manufacturers in the market we could make a distinction in two large groups: classic design director’s chair and modern design director’s chair. It is not better one or another option; everything will depend on the environment that you seek to recreate in your design project. The most classic environments are ideal for companies that aim to give a more serious and traditional image. The modern, for the newest and with orientation towards technology and new jobs.


It must be remembered that both classic and modern steering chairs have different finishes, shapes and functions that allow them to adapt to the different uses that could be given to them. Being clear about the type of design you are going to decide on should not make you renounce any of the qualities of functionality and environment appropriate to the work being done. However, surely if you are looking for inspiration, the information that will be most useful will be some concrete models of director’s chair that fit both categories. Here we propose some of the most prominent in the integral projects.

Classic director’s chair models


It is a steering chair with classic shapes but with striking finishes for the chrome parts. It is ideal to combine in classic environments, but also in those spaces that claim to be neutral and not associated with any marked decorative style.


It is a very functional design that also allows having the feeling of being completely isolated from the rest of the world whenever it is required. Ideal to have the maximum concentration.


If you are one of those who believe that a decorative office project should always include a large director’s chair in terms of its dimensions and you are not passionate about the most modern designs, this is a good option for you.

Modern director’s chair models


Although it is inspired by classic models, its straight lines and its elongated backrest make it a very stylized model that fits perfectly in the most modern environments.


Curved lines almost always give the feeling of dynamism that a modern concept demands. This director’s chair uses them both in the backrest and in its supports.


Completely changing the design of the seat shape is Inclass’s proposal in the most modern office chair manufacturer model.

As you can see, some manufacturers opt to combine classic director’s chair models with modern director’s chair models in their catalogs. Choosing one and the other will depend to a large extent on the aesthetic taste of your client as well as the rest of the furniture that is in the office. The coordination of all the elements of the project is essential for an efficient and productive design.


The choice of what will be your reclining chair in the office is very important. Whenever it is in your hands, you have to think that you will be sitting there for many hours, and that that chair has to help you work in a comfortable and relaxed way but without excess, since it can distract you.

Faced with this mixture of work and comfort demands, the best thing you can do is opt for a reclining chair.


A reclining chair means that office chair that allows you to rest on it partially or completely, so that you are more or less lying down. There are more and more reclining chairs that go further in terms of relaxation and comfort, which is very common to find reclining chairs with lumbar support and adjustable headrest, so that the body adapts to perfection.

Thanks to this reclining feature you can work without losing efficiency and at the same time rest without losing comfort. To move from one state to another you just have to pull back or press a lever so that the backrest moves. This will depend on the manufacturer of the reclining chair.

Each time the implementation in companies of this type of chairs is greater, and all due to the current to improve the working environment of the worker.

There are many advantages to having a reclining chair at work, among which the following stand out:

  • Your body is not the same as your co-worker or a client who can visit you. In front of this a reclining chair can be very helpful as it can be better adapted to all types of bodies than the more rigid chairs.
  • They are considered one of the most adjustable office chairs.
  • They are perfect for resting and letting your muscles take a break during a hard day’s work.
  • Mix comfort and ergonomics in equal parts with what makes it the perfect companion to spend hours and hours in the office.
  • Its design is designed to provide an extra comfort that the rest of chairs do not provide, making them the perfect companion in very hard jobs.

The best alternatives in reclining chairs

In the safe market you can find many offers that adapt to what is considered a reclining chair, however do not miss these suggestions:


This chair is designed for the most demanding managers. This reclining chair in concrete allows you to tilt your backrest to a 45 degree angle; more than enough to stretch legs and recharge the batteries for the workday. But not only that, since in this resting position you can work thanks to the “work assistant”, which is also adjustable. This fulfills the premise that work and rest are not at odds.


Designed for demanding workers, the Swing up Chair is the embodiment of comfort at work. It is specially designed to provide physical and mental well-being during your working day. It is possible to be affirmed that this reclining chair watches over your corporal security, since it has several options to regulate it totally to your pleasure.


The results in a company are the main measure we have to know how our company is doing and what direction it will take in the future. Given the importance they have in the viability of the organization, everything possible must be done to increase the results that we have foreseen: from economic results, such as obtaining greater benefits, to logistic results on how to produce more.

Once we have marked the objectives we want to achieve to obtain certain results we will try to improve our production processes, better train our employees, and a large number of actions that of course will be effective. But many times we forget that the job is as important as everything else.


Achieving a job in which we are really productive should be a primary objective in institutions. To achieve this productivity the work environment is the key, and with it the furniture and accessories to improve productivity.

One of the fundamental pieces are the work tables, since together with the office chairs, we spend a great part of our workday in them.

Ideally when choosing worktables is to opt for those that are broad and allow you to have at hand everything necessary for the proper performance of your tasks, so that they allow you to optimize time. In addition, the work tables that help improve the results allow you to meet with your colleagues, but keeping each one a clear and differentiated space.

For this reason, we present 3 worktable options that will help you improve the results, since among other things, they are characterized by allowing you to work as a team, but without losing the necessary privacy and autonomy.

Office table Vital Plus

The first of the work tables that we present is the Vital Plus. This work table is considered 100% operational, since it is perfect to maximize the user’s operation. It has a sliding board system that combines the possibility of working as a team and maintaining your work independence in one product, satisfying one of the demands of the current world of work.

NTT office table

The NTT office table is the second option that we propose. The first thing that stands out from this table is its great design that helps create a personal brand at work, something that has made it worthy of two awards the “Award EIMUWellness @ Work” and the “Nomination Grandesign-designEtico”. But not only has the design on this table stood out. Its creation is studied down to the smallest detail, making it perfect for solving problems of space, movement and functionality.

Office table Astig

We reached the end of our recommendations with the Astig office table. This table made of 2mm laminated steel sheet is characterized by great stability thanks to the inverted T-shaped legs. This collection of tables are designed and designed in order to adapt to versatility. This is achieved with simple lines and great fluidity that are able to give us versatile configurations and adapting to all types of offices.


When it comes to furnishing the office, one of the key elements you have to choose is the desks. In them, part of the work falls: it supports computers, it is a meeting place, it is the place where you start to create projects … Given its importance it is essential to choose a good desk that gives you all kinds of facilities at work and in turn, that gives a touch of design to the office.


Of the multiple options that exist within the world of the tables the glass desks is one of the most valid.

Many doubts can arise about whether glass desks are suitable for all types of offices, since, at first glance; they may seem fragile and not at all recommended for what types of businesses.

Well, the recommendation is that glass desks are suitable for all offices.

Advantages of glass desks

If you are thinking about incorporating a glass desk to your office or meeting room you may be interested to know what advantages they have in front of desks of other types of materials:

  • The glazed surface is one of the most elegant alternatives that exist to date in the market today.
  • They give to the office or room a great style.
  • Its appearance is synonymous with formality and seriousness.
  • It is a desk that does not go out of fashion and which, in turn, accompanied by metalized legs, gives an aspect of modernity according to the current needs of the labor market.
  • It’s cleaning and care is very easy to perform, since it does not require specific products for the treatment, as it can happen in the case of some noble woods. A rag and a glass cleaner liquid is more than enough.
  • Being crystal the ease of combining the desk with the chair is impressive, since practically almost all the tones and materials can match the desktop.
  • Despite what many people think, glass desks are very resistant to bumps and scratches.
  • Tempered glass glass desks are very stable, so breaking them is a difficult task.
  • Its appearance perfectly symbolizes the lightness of the space, which helps the offices do not look too crowded.

As you can see, there are many advantages of glass desks. These multiple advantages make glass desks are considered a wildcard in furniture, suitable for all types of offices. From large ones, in which a glass desk can give a more majestic look, even the smallest ones, where you can help the office look lighter.

Tips when choosing a glass desk

If you opt for a glass desk, take note of these tips to get 100% right in your choice.

  • The first, as always, is to choose furniture that suits your needs to the fullest.
  • Think of the complements that you will need to adapt the structure of the desk to them.
  • You have to have a clear desk structure to get the most out of your work. There is a great variety of structures, so look carefully before choosing any.
  • And finally, if your office is very bright a transparent glass desk will help you to capture even more that brightness and make the space seem more open and wide.
How to Decorate a Meeting Room

How to Decorate a Office Meeting Room

Properly decorating a meeting room is essential for the success of your business. He thinks that in this room important decisions are made for the company, new projects are proposed, different proposals are discussed and it is the place where both managers, clients, suppliers or the workers’ team pass. Therefore, the meeting room must convey an image of seriousness and professionalism and at the same time reflect the personality of the company.

Likewise, customers and employees, partners, managers or suppliers should feel comfortable in an environment that transmits well-being and tranquility and stand up to creativity, the generation of ideas and trust.

To achieve relaxed stays, there are certain aspects that play a decisive role, such as furniture, lighting, the choice of colors and materials and decorative elements. Here are some keys to getting your meeting room to guide you to the success of your business:

Furniture for meeting room

The furniture in the meeting room has to be comfortable and sober while appealing to make a good impression.

The table should be large to allow people to be distributed comfortably; It can be round or rectangular. We can choose a white table or clear tones, such as the Copenhagen design table. In addition, the white and matt tones of some elements of the furniture contribute to multiply the luminosity of this area.

The chairs have to be comfortable, ergonomic and preferably have wheels for their practicality and functionality – we will avoid scratching the floor. Betting on comfort and design for an element as important as the chairs for meeting rooms. And always make sure there are enough chairs for all your visits!

On the other hand, not always the meetings that take place in this room have to be strictly formal. In some organizations the meetings can be more relaxed and friendly and in this new environment, the low tables combined with poufs and sofas or even auxiliary furniture can be part of a place designed for meetings that promote productivity and well-being. A change in the conception of work spaces, which includes flexible furniture adapted to new forms of work in companies.

Lighting for meeting room

Another aspect to consider in the meeting room is lighting. And it is that light plays a very important role to create comfortable, warm and relaxed environments.

Natural light, according to experts, is not enough to work properly, so we must have spot lighting such as floor lamps and spotlights and ceiling lamps.

We can choose a floor lamp that does its decorative function, such as the spectacular Arco lamp, made with marble structure and rectangular steel tube, or the Twiggy lamp, inspired by the lamp of the same name and made of carbon steel. , aluminum and fiber tube.

If we do not have too much space and we do not want the floor lamp to have an excess of prominence in the meeting room, we can opt for something more discreet, such as the Jason lamp, inspired by the famous Jazz lamp, made of fiberglass and with intensity regulator.

The Ball Silver lamp   is an excellent choice to illuminate the meeting table concentrating attention on this part of the room, like the Cony lamp, inspired by the famous Stilnovo Spunik Lamp, a basic decorative accessory that adapts to any decorative style.

You can combine decorative originality with the combination of several lighting elements for your meeting room: floor lamps combined with wall lamps with clear industrial influence. A result that brings warmth and a certain intimacy to this room.

Meeting Room

Decorative objects for meeting room

In order to convey a sense of seriousness but warmth at the same time, we can use some decorative objects for our meeting room. Ideally, do not overload the room and bet on simple decorative elements, avoiding too personal details.

We can decorate the walls of the meeting room with designer clocks, paintings, company photographs, recognitions, or even decorate with plants to give a natural touch to this space. We can also reserve a corner for a coat rack, for the staff to leave their belongings.

color of Meeting Room

Color of the walls of the meeting room

If we want our meeting room to look broad and organized, white is undoubtedly the most suitable color for the walls. However, if we want to give a fun touch to this environment, we can paint one of the colored walls and break with the monotony of white. We can also opt for decorative vinyl, such as quotations, graphics, texts, notepads or maps of the world.

Office Reception Furniture

How to Choose the Reception Furniture

The reception furniture of a work space must meet two different but complementary objectives: to provide an excellent service to the workers who use them daily and transmit effectively the corporate identity of the company. Is it possible to combine these two ideal characteristics? Today we learn to do it here, in the Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.’s Blog.

Criteria for selection of reception furniture

When choosing the table, the chairs, the screens and the rest of reception furniture, we will have to take into account several factors or criteria of selection : the design, the color, the quality of the materials, the functionality, the ergonomics , the budget and, of course, the workspace, those square meters that we want to get the most out of. We will look in detail at some of these factors or selection criteria.

Modern Reception Table

The design, color and construction materials

In any magazine, catalog or web page of reception furniture manufacturers they will tell you that the office furniture that occupy the reception space of your company are key for your visitors to get a good or bad first impression of your office . These professionals who are dedicated to creating office furniture for the reception of companies of all kinds are right: the more or less classic, modern, traditional or vintage design of the reception table is capable of transmitting your corporate message much more than the more extensive corporate manual that you can write. Design, color and manufacturing materials of a reception counter, bookcases, armchairs and waiting sofas, the operating chair for the reception staff or the mobile partitions that separate the entrance from the operative work space should be able to transmit to your visitors and the members of your human team different details about:

  • The personality of your company.
  • The relaxed, but active and productive work environment of the professionals working in that environment.
  • Respect for the environment and ecology.
  • The activity sector of the company. This last point is debatable, since the latest trends in interior design opt for the originality of reception and operational furniture of companies in such classic sectors as banking or law.

Functionality and ergonomics

Reception Area Furniture

As we have told you in several e-books and articles of our blog , the design and beauty of reception furniture or hard work should not be at odds with the functionality of the furniture and, also, with ergonomics . The current design of office furniture knows how to combine these variables very well and offers us a wide catalog of furniture created by and for people: waiting benches, counter furniture, reception tables, etc., that perfectly fulfill the function for which they have been created and with a visual aspect suited to the corporate design of each office.

Space and budget

Space and budget are two fundamental criteria when choosing the office furniture that best suits the needs of the company. From this point of view, many companies choose to choose modular furniture, furniture for reception with a very interesting price that adapts like a glove to all kinds of spatial requirements.

Do you want us to help you choose the best reception furniture for your company? Contact us now and tell us your project, we will be happy to guide you.

Office Reception Table Manufacturer in Vadodara

With a focus on the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we are engaged in manufacturing, trading and supplying a wide array of Office Reception Table.

office table design

Office Table: Design or Ergonomics?

Should we buy the most ergonomic office tables on the market even if they completely break with the corporate image of our company? Should office furniture be design and forget about comfort? Today we are going to try to give concrete answers to those questions that can arise when it comes to furnishing a work center or a training room.

Office furniture, design not uncomfortable with ergonomics

The manufacturers of furniture for work centers, offices, communities and training centers have been working for many years to ensure that the design of their products is not incompatible with the functionality and, of course, with the ergonomics of chairs, tables and rest of the furniture that characterizes a modern and productive workspace.

Today we find different styles of office desk design: traditional or modern, with vintage air or futuristic trends, classic or latest generation materials, with colors ranging from the most sober to the brightest, daring and transgressors, etc. All this display of creativity, design in its purest state does not have to be at odds with functionality and ergonomics:

  • The functionality of the design office tables. Do you remember the concept “Thinking Design “? Creating objects tailored to the needs of people should also be the first premise of design office furniture.
  • The ergonomics of design office chairs, tables, armchairs in the waiting area, office stools, etc., is more important than pure and hard design.

Office furniture, ergonomic design by health

The first goal of ergonomics in work spaces is clear: to take care of the physical and mental health of the human team that uses those designer chairs or those tables and desks of last generation that transmit modernity simply with their image.

The office furniture, its design, must ensure that employees can adopt without effort a series of positions that do not affect their health, for example:

  • The height of the table should be, more or less, at the height of our elbows.
  • The head should be able to stay in the horizontal plane (with or without the help of a headrest).
  • The drawers and bins should be close enough to the office table to avoid having to force the posture to use them.

Office furniture, ergonomic design for economy

The ergonomic design of office furniture not only fulfills the important function of guaranteeing the comfort of the manager, of the human team or of the clients who visit our company; the ergonomically designed office furniture also serves to:

  • Improve the productivity of our human team and, thus, the company’s income statement.
  • Avoid sick leave for the famous TME or musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Improve the perception of the talents of our company, strengthen the emotional ties and prevent them from leaving the team and looking for work elsewhere.
  • Favor the creativity of the human team, that creative impulse that marks the difference between a normal company and a modern, productive and successful company.
Office Tables

Choose Round Or Rectangular Office Tables When Is It Better?

Whether you have a furnished and functional office or you want to set up a new office or new spaces for the office, you must take into account what each piece of furniture is for. As for the tables, there are tables of many colours, sizes and shapes. But the most used and popular tables are round or rectangular. Each of these tables serves different purposes and it is convenient to know what they were designed for. In this article, we want to show the uses of the round and rectangular tables so that later you can choose office tables that best suit your work needs. We start!

The keys to choosing round or rectangular office tables

  1. The office space

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing round or rectangular office tables is the space you have. Roundtables usually take up less space. Of course, you should have some breadth around the table to be functional and comfortable to use, because due to its shape is more difficult to fit in corners. They are also often used in small spaces. The rectangular tables, on the other hand, are usually used in rooms with a rectangular or square design. Its use is more common in large rooms because in this type of tables tend to fit more people and more orderly.

Round Office Table

  1. The use that the tables will have

What they will serve is the most relevant factor when choosing round or rectangular office tables. More and more, the roundtables are gaining prominence in the common rooms. The main reason is that its round shape promotes communication. All the people seated are at the same level and at the same distance as it encourages communication and the exchange of ideas. Large companies increasingly use round tables in rest areas. Thus, employees can make their creativity flow more easily, as well as be occupying less space. If your goal is to encourage the exchange of ideas, roundtables should be your choice.

Rectangular Office Table

Rectangular tables have a more common use for more hierarchical and formal meetings. They are used in the design of jobs to make it clear who each person is at the table. It is also the most used table to create spaces where there are several people in a single table but each one performs a different task. The main reason is that it is much easier to install dividers on rectangular tables. In this way, space is maximized and each person has their individual space to develop their work activity. In the case that you want to use shared office tables bench, use rectangular desks is also the most recommended option for the ease with which they take advantage of the space.

  1. A comfortable design

The comfort one feels with each table is personal and is a matter of preference. Also, the most important thing when sitting in front of a table is the arrangement of the legs of the table. It is always advisable to try the table before buying it to see if the legs do not obstruct your legs and become an uncomfortable obstacle. It is also important that your arms feel comfortable. Regardless of the shape of the table, you must ensure that space is clear. In this way, your arms can be supported without problems.

  1. The aesthetics

This point should also take into account the preferences of each one. Choosing a round or rectangular office table is more a matter of function than aesthetics, but we must not ignore the visual role that the new table will have. It is recommended that the table chosen should have aesthetic coherence with the rest of the space where it will be placed. If you have a small space of minimalist style, it is better than the table follows the same aesthetic pattern. Now, if the room is very large and the neutral colours are the dominant ones, you can choose tables of bright colours to create contrast. This way you avoid that space is monotonous. As mentioned, this aspect is very personal and is a matter of each one.