About Spandan


“SPANDAN” appreciates how its activities and influences have the potential to either harm or to enhance the environment and its dependents, not least humans. Furthermore, it understands that the environment is central to the realisation of its core values and those of the greater community.

“SPANDAN” shares the wider values of ‘sustainable development’, utilising its prestigious profile to advocate a responsible approach, by first ensuring its own environmental footprint is exceptional, and by also empowering its stakeholders. Whilst committed to comprehensive environmental management, using a recognised system, “SPANDAN” is also proud to be distinctive in its modern and apolitical attitude to the issues.

SPANDAN’s approach is: progressive, yet realistic, aiming for continuous improvements in performance whilst assuring value; novel and intelligent, using clever design and technology to address the built environment and assets; fluid, with actions and policies tracking changing contexts and circumstances to maintain environmental harmony and assure legislative compliance; and open, with all stakeholders being able to contribute and all outputs being reported in the public domain.

Specifically, SPANDAN is reducing waste through intelligent design and efficient resource usage. Residual waste is managed responsibly, aiming to recover, reuse or recycle before disposal. Transportation is managed to reduce pollution and cut the embedded energy in SPANDAN’s products and services. “SPANDAN” manages its own energy and water use to reduce consumption, but also promotes broader conservation through intelligent and thoughtful design and products. “SPANDAN” strives to avoid or reduce pollution of any form (including noise, visual impact or emissions to air, land or water) from its own activities or from its influences in designs, installations or products. Sustainability is actively promoted both internally and through SPANDAN’s wider sector support initiatives.

The ultimate aim is that through its system, policies and actions, SPANDAN’s net environmental impact will be positive.”

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