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Finding Space

There Is a Better Way

SPANDAN offers a unique Feasibility Test Fit and Budgeting service to our customers. By appointing SPANDAN before you even begin looking at new buildings,

we will evaluate how you use your existing space and match that with how you might use space more effectively in the future. In many cases, our programming exercise can show a customer how to make their existing space more efficient, perhaps delaying the need for moving to a new space.

Providing Evaluation, Feasibility and Budget Control

The most common mistakes clients make is to focus solely on the lease rate and location of a building. Clients assume that the building interior will easily accommodate their future space requirements and the construction costs will not exceed their proposed tenant improvement allowance. It is no wonder most people move into new space over budget, out of time and out of space, even before they move in.


A good assessment exercise is the best way to evaluate your true needs in a new space. SPANDAN helps establish office space utilization standards and efficiency enhancement, as well as identify which assets (furniture, fixtures and equipment) you might reuse in a new building.

Once we have completed the programming exercise you are ready to start looking for a new building armed with better information.

Feasibility Study

SPANDAN will explore existing space expansion possibilities versus new sites, to determine the solution that's best for your business, as well as define your technology integration needs and "Green Building" potential, to further optimize savings and efficiencies.

Using information gathered by our Evaluation and Feasibility exercises, we can stretch, compress and stack the proposed new building floor plan to deliver optimal utilization of the proposed space requirements and adjacencies.

We then overlay those elements of the space that will not need to be modified or moved, developing custom solutions to the Feasibility Study.


We can then produce a space plan showing how you will use the space and then have our general contractor develop a fully loaded and accurate construction project timeline and budget. You will know what it will cost to make the specific space meet your needs and how long it will take to build out the space.

At SPANDAN, it is our goal to
  • Save you time

  • Save you money

  • Give you market intelligence

  • Give you better options to consider

  • Give you facts and not assumptions

Call SPANDAN before you sign a new lease or purchase agreement and arm yourself with high quality market intelligence... You can't afford NOT to do it.

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