What we Do

Technology Integration

Dynamic Technology Integration

SPANDAN offers clients technology options that are open and flexible, allowing your company to grow into the technology solutions of the future. Whether we're creating dynamic conferencing options that allow for multiple laptops, video-conferencing and wireless solutions or developing a true plug-and-play network environment, your options are limitless. Our goal is to integrate IT solutions earlier into the planning process in order to "future-proof" your office interior.

SPANDAN's Contractor will assist you in the planning and design of your structured cabling system, tailoring it to your exact needs for current and future requirements be it standard or advanced network infrastructure.

SPANDAN offers professional services for both data and voice systems including audio/visual consultation and installations have extensive training in the field of Information Systems and Telecommunications.

SPANDAN has created dynamic solutions for advanced training rooms, technology savvy conference environments and wireless infrastructure. From raised access flooring to modular network cabling systems, we deploy and design with some of the most advanced technology products available.

Additional Services Include

  • Structured Zone Cabling System

  • Hardware & Software Integration

  • Computer Management & Support

  • Computer Consulting

  • Under floor Cable Management System

  • Wireless Network Services

  • Automated Presentation System

  • Video and Media Distribution

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