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Aluminum Composite Panel

We can provide from simple brick walled partitions to architectural pre-fabricated and tiled walls, the look and feel of your space will in part be decided by the interior walls.

These partitions walls can be of Aluminium partly, Fully Glazed, Laminated, Veneered, Gypsum board

For conference rooms and boardrooms, interior panelling can be added to provide a greater degree of acoustics when desired.

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding of buildings (building facades), for insulation and for signage.

Aluminum sheets can be coated with PVDF or Polyester paint.

ACP is very rigid and strong despite its light weight. Aluminum can be painted in any kind of color, and ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble.

The core is commonly low density Polyethylene.


ACP is mainly used for external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container construction etc. ACP is also widely used within the signage industry as an alternative to heavier, more expensive substrates ACP has been used as a light-weight but very sturdy material in construction, particularly for transient structures like trade show booths and similar temporary elements.


The main advantages of ACP are:

  • Increased rigidity and durability
  • Low weight
  • Weather and UV resistance
  • Easy forming and processing
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